Marigold African Sun Mix 70 Ready Plants. What Are the Characteristics of an African Marigold?. 'Space Hopper' is vigorous and bright (rather like its 1980s toy namesake! Marigold African - Key Lime Marigold African - the plants will perform well in poor soi. You have 0 items in your Shopping Basket. Picture the common french marigold but 60cm tall african marigold dune mixed' kings quality pack flower seeds item description the best open pollinated african marigold on the market. Marigold (African) kings seeds - marigold african, vanilla f1 (tagetes erecta) kings seeds - marigold african, vanilla f1 (tagetes erecta). Marigold 'French Vanilla' is a triumph in plant breeding, producing masses of large blooms up to 7.5cm (3") across that are absolutely pure in colour. ABOUT US SHOP FEEDBACK CONTACT AFRICAN MARIGOLD these flowers are the spendthrifts among annuals, bringing a wealth of gold, copper, and brass into our summer and autumn gardens. marigold african used once. If you like them big and showy, this is the marigold for you. Marigold 'French Vanilla' F1 Hybrid plug plants from Thompson & Morgan - experts in the garden since 1855 ... a real creamy white flowered African marigold! vigorous colourful mix, double flowers all summer. African marigold seeds ~ crackerjack ~ eco packaging ~ sow now. African marigold tincture 100ml tagetes erecta. Marigold (French) Super Hero Mixed | Tray of 40 Plug Plants … African Marigold Dune Mixed' Kings Quality Pack the plants are now coming into flower as shown in the scan. 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At last something different to the usual colour spectrum of orange and lemon - a real creamy white flowered African marigold! Very reliable summer annual At last something different to the usual colour spectrum of orange and lemon - a real creamy white flowered African marigold! Marigolds have enchanted generations with their wealth of sun-brilliant yellow, orange, gold, red and creamy white flowers. Marigold 'French Vanilla' is a triumph in plant breeding, producing masses of large blooms up to 7.5cm (3") across that are absolutely pure in colour. Looking more like chrysanthemums, they are a real statement bedding plant. Marigold African Vanilla 70 Ready Plants. Powered by FrooitionFrooition | No-js Template | african marigold tagetes patula nana mary helen appx. African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) are annuals like their smaller cousins, French marigolds (Tagetes patula). Shipping outside the eu please contact us via email to order. Return policy you have the right to return your items for a refund or exchange within days from the day you receive the items, Homesaved vegetable & flower seeds - organically. ... Marigold African Sun Mix 3 options. 1 x very large african bright orange marigold plant flower. FAST & FREE. Each country has different estimated delivery times. Has got a strong and vigorous habit. Asparagus crowns. Magnolia. marigold african - marvel gold marigold african - marvel gold seeds. A LOVELY marigold african USED BUT STIILL IN good CONDITION, COME FROM AN NON SMOKING HOME in Doncaster , THANK YOU FOR LOOKING, HAPPY BIDDING. ... Inca II Orange African Marigold Plant. The marigold has long been associated with the sun. Tree lily / lilies. Height 30-35cm (12-14"). Marigold Plug Plants. Plug Plants Ready Plants Jumbo Plants Mega Plants Plant Types. Out of stock - notify me. british bred with extremely weather resistant flowers due to the unique petal formation which prevents excessive water being held in the blooms. 100 Marigold Crackerjack Seeds - Big Large Double Flower Heirloom African Plant . Sow flower seeds to have these large, showy, never fading blooms. please let me know if you wish for combined postage and i will create an invoice after you have added items to checkout, or you can contact me be. More Details. £1.99. If you like them big and showy, double african marigold 'crackerjack' mix flower seeds. About Our Plants. For larger plants with a well-developed canopy, a spray volume of 3 qts./100 sq. Price: 6.95 Shipping Spring 2021 - view dates here. The recommended spray volume for small plants in small containers or plug trays which are closely spaced is 1-2 qts./100 sq. Penstemon. Inca II Yellow African Marigold Plant. You have no items in your Shopping Basket. Petunia. All Dobies products should reach you in perfect condition, just as they left us. African Marigold Tincture 100ml Tagetes Erecta Eth .