61 Reviews $ Compare . It has a mild flavor. Lay the breast portions in a row along the front of the grill, with their thickest parts pointed toward the coals. It came with a small canister that you fill with wood chips and set near the coals. $47.99 Your trusted wood smoking friend Gerry is here to help you out with finding the right wood for the job! Wet alder smokes a lot and leaves behind a lot of ash. Alder wood has a great flavor profile. One of the best woods for smoking salmon and other seafood is alder. Traeger All Natural Alder Hardwood Pellets 20 lb. Seasoned alder firewood burns relatively fast but creates a hot fire with decent coals. 15. Nov 23, 2016 #2 fbi van outside Smoke Blower. Oak - It generates medium smoky flavor, it burns hot and fits most types of meat. Alder Smoke – delicate, earthy and a hint of sweetness. An alternative for salmon is maple wood. Maple burns hot and quick which is good for smoking fish as they tend to smoke for shorter times. Thanks! Has anyone used this wood and how do you feel it would work for these meats? Many people choose to burn the wood during the fall or spring when the outside temperatures are moderate. I've used it to smoke fish (bass and salmon). Feeling like I was possessed, I purchased Alder wood for no particular reason to use with a turkey breast and BB ribs for Thanksgiving. It gives a sweet taste that accompanies salmon very well. It’s a quick and easy way to pick the best wood for smoking the thing you like. Jeff . Other woods, like Cedar and Hickory, have very strong smoke flavors, which can be overpowering for some meals. Choosing the best wood for smoking meat can be a challenge! $24.99 Alder Chunks - No Bark (20 lb) - 9528. Or you can mix the wood … BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks. Spread the coals along the back edge of the grill and add the alder wood chips. Great for: It pretty much matches most types of meat, Lamb, Beef, Brisket, Chicken, Sausages. It is slightly stronger than cherry and apple, but lighter than mesquite and hickory. 20 Plus varieties. However, once you learn about the different types of wood for smoking meat, you will find those great few choices that will suit your personal tastes in no time. Traeger All Natural Turkey Blend Hardwood Pellets 20 lb. Alder Chunks - No Bark (10 lb) - 9530. ... Its delicate nature makes it one of the most versatile smoking woods, and it's a good match for meats of all kinds. Note: Jan bought me a set of wood smoking chips from The Smoke Stack Company. Alder produces a very mild smoke flavor and doesn’t burn too hot which is ideal for salmon. The lightness of cherry wood smoking chips can also be used when cooking vegetables without overpowering them. 16. The smoke is delicate, subtle and slightly sweet, making it the perfect go-to smoke flavor. 85 17 Joined Dec 30, 2014.