Found in sheltered bays and lagoons (Ref. Amblygaster sirm (Walbaum, 1792) Laing Ngalan; Amblygaster dakini Whitley, 1937 Amblygaster pinguis Günther, 1872 Amblygaster leiogastroides Bleeker, 1854 Amblygaster harengus sirm Walbaum, 1792. A pelagic, schooling species occurring in coastal waters and lagoons (Ref. FishBase. Description Year Named Used: Page: 2857: Herre, A.W.C.T. (2011). هرمزگان: حشینه، مومَغ، لوجَّر، عوم. | Mais info. Una ning gihulagway ni … Ref. Amblygaster sirm Family: Clupeidae (Herrings, shads, sardines, menhadens) Reference Info *Author (e.g. Main Food Percent Trophic Level (y) Predator Life Stage Country Locality Ref. n = 1 Sort by Country Locality Trophic Level. Reference no. Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name; Tetraodontiformes: Balistidae: Abalistes stellaris: native : Starry triggerfish : Perciformes: Pomacentridae,,,,, Chemical Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Small Pelagic Fish (, Studies on the exploitation of trenched sardine,, Articles with dead external links from September 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 20:44. [3] It is a widely captured commercial fish in Sri Lanka, where the fish is known as "Hurulla" in Sinhala language. Greek, amblys = darkness + Greek, gaster = stomach (Ref. Bayesian length-weight: a=0.00851 (0.00736 - 0.00984), b=3.05 (3.01 - 3.09), in cm Total Length, based on LWR estimates for this species (Ref. [4], The fish has 13 to 21 dorsal soft rays and 12 to 23 anal soft rays. The fish feeds on minute organisms like copepods, larval bivalves and aquatic gastropods, and dinoflagellates like Peridinium and Ceratium. Live specimen with golden spots (left), spots becomes black after dead (right). Species of Amblygaster in FishBase. Growth parameters for Amblygaster sirm Maximum Length 27cm SL n = 25 Note that studies where Loo is very different (+/- 1/3) from Lmax are doubtful. June 2011 version. It is one of the three species of genus Amblygaster. Adults form large schools in coastal waters, particularly in the Bali Strait upwelling. 823). Marine; reef-associated; depth range 10 - 75 m (Ref. It grows up to a maximum length of 27 cm (10.6 in). Generation time: 0.9 (0.8 - 1.3) years. Amblygaster sirm (Walbaum, 1792) (Spotted sardinella) References. Total processing time for the page : 0.2126 seconds. zooplankton: 46: 3.3: adults: Indonesia: Panggang Island: 823: Back to Search. and A.F. 48635).They feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton, chiefly copepods. Amblygaster clupeoides, the Bleeker smoothbelly sardinella, also known as blue pilchard, sharp-nosed pilchard, or sharpnose sardine, is a reef-associated marine species of sardinellas in the herring family Clupeidae.It is one of the three species of genus Amblygaster.It is found in the marine waters along Indo-West Pacific regions. In Panggang Island, Indonesia it was recorded in temperatures of 28.5-29.8°C and salinities of 31.6-32.3 ppt (Ref. Kaliwatan sa lupoy ang Amblygaster sirm. Guide des poissons commerciaux de Madagascar (espèces marines et d'eaux saumâtres).. A vec le support du Programme des Nations Unies pour le Développement (Project RAF/79/065). Amblygaster sirm (Walbaum, 1792) Accepted Name Spotted Sardinella Animalia > Chordata > Actinopterygii > Clupeiformes > Clupeidae > Amblygaster > Amblygaster sirm (Walbaum, 1792)