Once opened, the pouches last for about one year. In addition, canned and dry meat, canned vegetables, natural honey, oats, and rice are also great options. Phil Augason founded Augason Farms more than 40 years ago as a means to provide emergency food storage options to the public. In fact, they have dedicated themselves to change the concept of food stored for longer years. You can buy larger bulk food storage containers with enough meals to last up to a few years, but there are options for short-term situations as well. Non-perishable food items are one of the most crucial products you should have in your emergency food storage kit to make sure you stay fit, healthy, and well-nourished during any unexpected situation. There's an emphasis on vegetarian and gluten-free options, but a lack of water and water sanitation products. These emergency food supply kits provide you with shelf stable food options that ensure you get the number of calories and protein you need. Nonetheless, shelf life differs according to storage conditions and the types of food items. All Augason Farms products should be stored in a cool and dry place with temperatures of between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. ... 22 Responses to Augason Farms 48-hour emergency food supply review … Absent from its selection are drinking water and water filters. Augason Farms does not have a great selection of water sanitation options. The company's vegetarian options include bacon-flavored bits, and beef and chicken substitutes. The emergency food that contains egg and bread mixes only typically have a shelf life of around 5 to 10 years. Visit our corporate site. With that much nutritional value, you have a better chance of surviving and succeeding in a crisis, which isn’t a chance a lot of other emergency foods offer. For example, soft grains, hard grains, white rice, dry pasta, dried beans, and canned beans are good to have in addition to Augason Farms, all in one emergency food supply. Such a meal planner can be a lifesaver. The individual cans of entrees work out around $0.87 a serving for the … Please refresh the page and try again. The actual total comes down to 1,854 calories and 47g of protein per person in a day, not including the calories that come from foodstuffs such as sugary drinks. In case someone in your family has celiac disease, Augason has a huge selection of gluten-free products as well. Augason Farms 48-hour emergency food supply review – the beginning. The company provides products designed for convenience, quality and taste. Emergency prep is a pragmatic thing to do. This discounted Molekule air purifier claims it destroys viruses, but should you buy it? Augason Farms is a specialized diet-friendly service that lacks just a few water purification essentials. This company also provides an impressive selection for gluten-free and vegetarian eaters, and it keeps its prices low for a la carte ingredients, so you have a chance to see if buying certain foods is a good investment for your long-term food storage. Inflatable hot tub deal: Save 50% on this four-person hot tub at Walmart, Black Friday washer and dryer deals 2020: Save on top washing machines with these Black Friday discounts, Find the Father for less, with Amazon's DNA and ancestry kit discounts, Save space (and money) with this all-in-one LG washer combo, now $500 off. Freeze dried food and dehydrated foods are great for long term food storage. Having a healthy amount of survival food storage is great, but without clean or hot water, much of it can be useless in an emergency situation. Augason Farms is an emergency food supply company with nearly 5 decades of experience and over 400 products in their selection. The pail is made of BPA-free and FDA-compliant materials. For the cost, this is a good choice for people looking to get rations on a budget. Augason Farms offers so many kits, entrees, mixes and individual ingredients that it is pretty hard to narrow down which products to analyze nutrionally. The food pouches come in a pail container to make it easier to store the heavy foods under normal temperature and humidity conditions. Although we primarily looking at long-term food supplies (1 month+) in this review, Augason Farms also offers several short-term food … Augason Farms has 40 years of experience under its belt as one of the top competitors in the food storage industry. Storage, portability, and nutrition are the essentials to remember when getting rations for yourself. You can always buy water filtering equipment and canned water elsewhere, but we prefer the stores that allow you to shop in just one place. Ultimately, this survival food choice is meant for emergency or disaster prep enthusiasts who are looking for a variety of wholesome and affordable food items. Posted on September 22, 2018 by Joel. You also get more calories from these food pouches compared to some other competitors. If you need your emergency food supply to last longer than 30 days, then the 45-day planner is useful to help you ration your food for more days. For ideal storage, keep the pail in a cool and dry area within a temperature range of 55°F to 70°F and a humidity level of around 15%. What is even more important is that they Augason Farms is a great food storage option if you're looking for a service which offers a range of foods suitable for specific dietary needs. The pail is an all-in-one package with its fire starter or heat source, water filtration bottle, and pre-packed meals. You can also choose between their Breakfast Assortment Pail and Grab-and-Go Bucket. Large selection of gluten-free and vegetarian foods. This service has a great mix of the essentials such as soups, freeze-dried fruits, beans, drink mixes and vegetables. This post may contain Amazon affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.