The key is assumed from the key signature. B-sharp diminished triad chord. The steps below will detail the diminished triad chord quality in the key of B. the 3rd is a major, minor etc. A is the leading tone of the scale. The numbers in brackets are the note interval numbers (ie the scale note number) shown in the previous step. So for a 1st inversion, take the root of the triad chord in root position from the step above - note B, and move it up one octave (12 notes) so it is the last (highest) note in the chord. Diminished Chord Info. Then there is one note interval to describe the 2nd note, and another to describe the 3rd note of the chord. Bb is the octave of the scale. If an adjustment in the pitch occurs, the note name given in the major scale in step 4 is modified, so that sharp or flat accidentals will be added or removed. The Root. Each note interval quality (diminished, minor, major, perfect, augmented) expresses a possible adjustment ie. The Lesson steps then explain how to construct this triad chord using the 3rd and 5th note intervals, then finally how to construct the inverted chord variations.. For a quick summary of this topic, have a look at Triad chord. Unlike all of the above qualities, Suspended triad chords do not use the 3rd note of the major scale (at all) to build the chord. The major scale uses the  W-W-H-W-W-W-H  note counting rule to identify the scale note positions. 25:54. © 2020 Copyright Veler Ltd, All Rights Reserved. It is also a so-called symmetrical scale since the intervals are consistent. The second note of the original triad (in root position) - note D is now the note with the lowest pitch. The Min 3rd. Before print or download please save it first. In the same way, the figured bass 3 symbol represents note F, from the B-3rd interval. In the C Diminished Scale this would be C - Eb - Gb - A (Cdim7) and D - F - Ab - B (Ddim7). D. The minor third is up three half-steps from the Below is a table showing the note interval qualities for all triad chords, together with the interval short names / abbrevations in brackets. The root of a B Diminished chord is B. The figured bass notation for this triad in 1st inversion is 6/3, with the 6 placed above the 3 on a staff diagram. Using enharmonic spellings the diminished scale will have a dim 5th and an aug 5th and is much easier to work with. Hunting & Playing ANY Minor Pentatonic Scale You Need, Any Shape, Any Time! The 1st note of the B diminished chord is, The 2nd note of the B diminished chord is, The 3rd note of the B diminished chord is. Lowering a note means to make it lower by a semi-tone or half-step. B Half/Whole Diminished for piano. Without this 3rd note, suspended chords tend to have an open and ambiguous sound. Or put another way, the third note of the original triad (in root position) is now the note with the lowest pitch. This step shows the first inversion of the B diminished triad chord. The Diminished Scale is built upon two diminished seventh chords. These numbers represent the interval between the lowest note of the chord and the note in question. The final chord note names and note interval links are shown in the table below. The piano diagram below shows the interval short names, the note positions and the final note names of this triad chord. The audio files below play every note shown on the piano above, so middle C (marked with an orange line at the bottom) is the 2nd note heard. It is these variations of the 3rd and 5th notes that give each one a distinctive sound for any given key (eg. It is a symmetrical scale in that it follows a distinct pattern, constructed from a repeated sequence of intervals (major second, minor second). This step shows the B diminished 1st inversion on the piano, treble clef and bass clef. For example, the 6 represents note D, from the F-6th interval, since the lowest (bass) note of the chord - now inverted, is F. In the same way, the figured bass 4 symbol represents note B, from the F-4th interval. Diminished Piano Runs/Licks (Alt Scale) (All Levels) - Duration: 25:54. How To Make A Diminished Chords. The Notes in a B Diminished 7th Chord.