There are many clubs students are able to join. Overall, my experience with the campus is positive. My favorite thing about CSU Northridge is that they are such a nurturing school. Great City! I am proud to attend USC, where academics, athletics and alumni blend together making the ultimate college experience!Read 3,715 Reviews, Niche User: I enjoyed the campus life., I felt very welcomed onto the college campus! While maintaining a positive experience on campus, the University of the Pacific additionally focuses time and energy into giving back to the Stockton Community. Coming into a four year university as a Latinx first-generation student was nerve-wracking at first; I wasn't sure how well I would adapt to a new environment. The wonderful Trojan alumni are there for you beyond your four years. The undergrad experience is fantastic--Stanford really makes sure to integrate first year students into campus life. Now, we hear spring 2021 will also be conducted online.Despite this, the entire staff is keeping a brave face and ensuring all students we will receive every possible consideration regarding extenuating circumstances.Overall, my experience with the campus is positive. We look at over 20 factors to determine the top 15% of schools for Civil Engineering students in California. There are so many resources that aim to help and involve students on and off campus. This college ranks 15th out of 116 colleges for overall quality in the state of California. The area surrounding the school is also great for students, and very lively! If I had to change one thing, it would be how hard it is to get into some classes that students need to stay on track. They have amazon worship services that allows student to grow academically and spiritually. California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona, Best Civil Engineering Schools in the Far Western US Area. Explore the best colleges with civil engineering degrees. Find the civil engineering colleges that are right for you. If you don't investigate yourself, you might end-up falling a little behind. He does his best to address issues such as crimes on campus, racial discrimination, etc and gives the student body reassurance during this pandemic. With 187 undergraduates, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo is one of most popular colleges to study civil eng in California. They really care about the incoming students and they make a real effort to connect and make things real easy and understandable but hopefully, one thing they can work on is probably giving more details about specific classes that you have to take, but other than that its pretty awesome.Read 2,935 Reviews, Junior: Great campus! I would, and do, highly recommend this school to anyone wanting the real "college experience"!Read 2,611 Reviews, Senior: I overall love my experience at California State University, Sacramento! There are hundreds of student organizations for students to find their community and their passions in. There are many possibilities to get involved and they have tons of on-campus resources, such as the learning assistant program, peer learning facilitator program, and more, to help students with their academic needs, as well as for student employment opportunities. I also enjoy all the academic resources, such as the University Library and the 24 hour study place in the student union, as well as the extracurricular resources, such as the bowling alley in the student union and the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, just to name a few! I do not regret joining the org. After graduation, civil eng students generally make about $62,400 in their early careers. UCI was truly an amazing experience for me! They really care about the incoming students and they make a real effort to connect and make things real easy and understandable but hopefully, one thing they can work on is probably giving more details about specific classes that you have to take, but other than that its pretty awesome. University of California - Berkeley civil engineering students receive $3,833 more than the standard civil eng student. University of California - Berkeley is a great choice for students pursuing a Civil Engineering major. This school ranks 39th out of 116 schools for overall quality in the state of California. In addition, the academics are extremely strong as professors prioritize their students, meaning that they put the well-being and success of those they teach in order to prepare them appropriately for future careers. There are roughly 337 civil engineering undergrads studying this degree at UC Berkeley. In the end when you graduate, it is all about who you know and that statement stands with the connections that I have made at Cal Poly among alumni and others.Read 2,972 Reviews, Sophomore: My overall opinion about CSUN is that it is very culturally diverse, which is great! My experience here exceeds all my expectations for a university that truly cares for its students, faculty and staff!Through this coronavirus pandemic I, and my fellow students, have felt well cared for with multiple communications keeping us informed of the decision making process being developed to keep us safe, healthy and hopefully back to school in person, soon.Thank you for this opportunity to share my experience.Read 3,578 Reviews, Graduate Student: An incredible school and excellent professors who want to see you succeed in the real world! My favorite being USU Productions! It has a highly ranked cybersecurity degree. Southern New Hampshire University can help you get there. Throughout my first year, I became involved in activities such as Associated Student Government, Mecha-El Frente, Campus Ministry, and the Office of Multicultural Learning. Learn More >, With a spotlight on intellectual creativity and innovation for the 21stcentury, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Also, the new dorms are great! Recommend this school for anyone looking to grow naturally, spiritually, and academically. some professor better than others but all generally food. Great campus! What I like most about my school is the people, I have made great friends by joining and eventually leading some organizations. The area surrounding the school is also great for students, and very lively! I took 5 class online this semester and all but one worked really well. Zot zot. Being a student at the University of Southern California is like no other. A Best Colleges rank of 68 out of 1,715 colleges nationwide means SCU is a great college overall. And don't forget about the grad programs. With so many options it can be a daunting task finding the right fit. Lastly, campus life was more than what I expected! During club days, I can physically see how diverse the campus is. If you would describe yourself as an idealistic person, yes, come to Berkeley! The campus is beautiful and the academics are stellar. They always made lectures entertaining. COVID online classes since mid-spring 2020--not so great. Selectivity based on acceptance rate. Civil Engineering is a popular major and California is the 1st most popular state for students studying this major. Transportation on campus is easy, with reliable bus and train transportation and a strong bicycle culture. Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” motto is taken to heart by the staff and faculty members, meaning students are truly encouraged to put themselves out there while incorporating their learning into life. Select a major to filter your search to only schools that offer degrees in that specific major or program. I do not regret joining the org. You have goals. Professors at this university are amazing and will try to push students to their absolute maximum potential, with many professor becoming very influential role models and even connections for real world jobs and references!Read 4,821 Reviews, Graduate Student: I love how the staff is very approachable and understanding, they are willing to help their students succeed in every area possible. A civil engineering degree from colleges on this list usually translates into above average salaries following graduation. My experience with my professors was always very positive and they were always very helpful and interested in making sure I obtained the material well. The whole school feels like one big family. You name it, Stanford does it and does it brilliantly. 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