In the US, the Silverado outsells the RAM by 48,600 units, but in Canada the RAM is 29,750 ahead of the Chevy. We hope you enjoy. The RAV4 is similarly spread, with the US accounting for 427,000 sales, China for 144,000 sales and Europe for 69,000, which leaves about 20% of total sales for the rest of the world. The latter is also the largest market for SUVs worldwide, with over 10.3 million sales or almost 35% of global SUV sales, despite a 3% decline on 2017. Japan was up 0.6% to 5,19 million (of which just over 300.000 non-Japanese brands) while South Korea was up 1,4% to 1,78 million. The two versions of the Volkswagen Passat are up 2 places to #8 but down 2%, yet remain the best selling midsized model, ahead of the Toyota Camry at #13, up 7%. 2019 US Auto Sales by Model Analysis. Australian car market: Car sales, statistics and figures The Toyota HiLux (a whopping 51,705 sold so far this year) and the Ford Ranger (42,144 sold) hold positions one and two. Midsized SUVs (D-segment, Nissan Rogue/X-Trail) were up 3% to 7.26 million sales with Renault-Nissan as the major manufacturer, as it is in the crossover/SUV segment overall. Toyota was the global top-selling car brand in 2018. PSA is planning a return to the US market with Peugeot in the next decade, but that will take time to become significant. In other words, the brand VW must have hit rock bottom at appr. It is up 7 places on 2017. The Honda Civic makes sure that there are still two car models in the top-3 with sales up 2% thanks to robust sales in China (+25%) and passing both the Golf and the X-Trail/Rogue. In both 2012 and 2014 Turkish car sales dropped 10% on the year before, but in 2015 the market peaked at a record 968.000 sales, a figure it’s set to break again in 2016. The Honda CR-V was also in model-change mode and loses 2% to remain behind the X-Trail. Both generations of the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid variant have sold 209,000 units worldwide through December 2019. Compact SUVs (C-segment, Volkswagen Tiguan) accounted for almost 41% of total SUV sales, up 7% to 12.24 million sales with Hyundai-Kia as the world’s largest producer. Top Level US Reports: By Manufacturer / By Brand / By Model / Best Sellers When you look at all of the individual models sold you can see that in the month of December the majority of models on sale saw sales drop when compared with December of 2018. The following 9 largest countries in terms of SUV sales all saw increases, of which 7 by double digits. Bart is a 36-year old Dutchman who's always had a thing for cars, the automotive industry and statistics. We compare last quarter’s passenger car U.S sales at the model level with the same model’s sales quarter last year. The statistics record, by month and year, the number of vehicles sold by marque (sometimes referred to as brands) – eg Ford, Nissan, BMW etc. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The French manufacturer now sells nearly 69% of its cars within Europe, with Opel/Vauxhall at 87.5%, Peugeot at 62.8% and Citroën at 59%. New car sales figures: year to date The graph below shows the progression of new car sales year-on-year from 2012 to the last full month of the current year. But Nissan’s naming is all over the place….their own fault? fastest growing segment worldwide was that of EVs. Your email address will not be published. Last update: 12 July 2020 Download sample XLSX, CSV, SQL. The 28m figure for China includes all types of commercial vehicles including heavy duty trucks, buses, truck chassis etc. The UK remains an uncertainty for the region, as well as Turkey with its unstable economy. And similarly, the CR-V sells 379,000 in the US, 143,000 in China and just 28,500 in Europe, leaving about 25% for the rest of the world. If the '19 Ranger and … You can also find historic sales by brand and model in Europe, US and China of almost every car sold in those markets, monthly analyses of brand and model sales for these three markets as well as quarterly segment analyses for Europe and US. I wonder how can for instance Ford or PSA turn this around? Agree totally on the confusion of Sylphy/Sentra with Sunny/Versa etc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But the latter is just a small percentage of total Rogue sales), then China (208,000), and Europe is just a small market (48,000). Subaru is dependent on the US market for 68% of its sales, compared to just 14% for the Japanese market, Jeep gets 62.9% of its sales from the US with another 10.7% from Europe. “PSA increasingly depends on Europe due to tumbling Chinese sales, a stop of deliveries to Iran and the acquisition of Opel, which was not allowed to export much outside of Europe under PSA.”, There’s a mistake in the end: “…under GM”. The biggest market not included in the JATO figures is Iran with a 32.9% decline to 959,000 car sales as imports were once again restricted due to reinstalled embargoes. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class remains the world’s best selling luxury car at #24 despite losing 7% in 2018. China remains the largest single market with 28.08 million sales despite showing its first slowdown in sales in more than a decade, at -2.8%. In other words: 1 million fewer MPV sales worldwide, as they lost volume in just about every market. Of course the Chinese brands are the most extreme example of dependency on a single market, with Geely exporting just a few percent of its annual volume, and Baojun doesn’t export at all, at least not under its own name. The Toyota RAV4 was the fourth best-selling car model globally in 2018 and the world’s favorite SUV. Geely also gains 2 places thanks to Fiat and Buick, and is now 17th in the brands ranking, helped by sales up 11%. The brands that have bad period in China should focus more and more on India, but that’s difficult as well because of the Suzuki-reign. North American car sales decreased 0.2% to 20.86 million vehicles as sales declined 2% in Canada after a record year (but still above 2 million for the second year ever), and 7% in Mexico (a second annual decline after two record years in 2015 and 2016). Sales in the Asia Pacific region excluding China, Japan and South Korea were up 3.3% to 10.65 million, boosted by Thailand and India, but also thanks to strong sales in Indonesia (+5%).