Chances are your child will get to grips with coding far more quickly than you, but if you don’t want ... Code Club has made all its UK projects available online for free, an amazing resource for parents and teachers alike. Programming and Coding for Primary Schools. Coding is on the curriculum for primary and secondary school pupils in the UK. ComputerXplorers is the market leader in teaching programming and coding to primary school children. Coding is to be taught in primary and secondary schools across England to children between the ages of five and 16 from today as part of a major overhaul of the national curriculum. Why do we teach coding? It covers all areas of the National Curriculum for primary computing and offers insight into effective teaching. Photograph: Alamy G etting more kids to code has been a cause célèbre for the technology industry for some time. Primary schools in the UK have been using computers to help children learn for over 30 years. Our workshops follow the National Curriculum Computing Programs of Study and are separated into two age groups: Lessons in computer programming will be adopted by the national curriculum for primary schools in England from September - but this is not a new concept for schools in Estonia. Look through the Code Club term ... Russells Hall Primary School, Overfield Road, Russells Hall Estate, Dudley, DY1 2NX; These mind-blowing workshops include practical, hands-on coding exercises designed to embed learning and ignite the imagination. Whether in school workshops, ICT or computing classes or after school activities ComputerXplorers provide specialist classes in programming and coding for children across the UK. The micro:bit was given to every 12 year old pupil in the UK last year and is also popular in the primary school classroom. This is a guide to the teaching of computing and coding in primary schools, and an exploration of how children develop their computational thinking. The micro:bit Foundation is now working with teachers worldwide to ensure the device reaches a wider audience. In addition to developing digital literacy and ICT skills, recent changes in the National Curriculum have required all pupils from Y1 to Y6 to learn to code. Children in Years One through to Six have dedicated Coding lessons once a week which teaches them key skills in the use of different software for presenting work, the … School of Coding provide exciting coding activity workshops for primary schools around the UK.