Compact system design, a precise calibration system, combined with an intuitive machine interface makes our machine operator friendly. Brief Profile Of Company . Metra optical color sorting machine adopts a multi-billion pixel high-speed camera, which can identify the true color of materials in high-definition, recognize the color accurately, and identify the material diameter as small as 0.04mm. Nature of Business Manufacturer : Spectrum Industries. Meyer's review for the first half of 2020. No. But with a little precaution, it is possible to avoid such accidents. Our R&D team will custom the chutes according to your materials. Our intelligent color sorter has been widely used in many industry in the world. The sorting capability is around 0.5~1.5 ton per hour. In summer, the color sorters are easy to be affected by high temperatures, heavy rains, and strong thunder and lightning. Our 300mm wide chute is built with a special anodizing process and was designed to meet specifications required for many applications around the world. Spectrum Industries is the pioneer in manufacture of Color Sorters in India since 1993 and has over 1500 installations for over 50 applications in over 25 countries. 2006 Key Optyx Digital Laser Color Sorter G6 Raptor. It is common to use for tea, rice, and another grain sorting. 09-08 2020. Manufacturer: Key Optyx Digital Laser Color Sorter Key Optyx Digital Laser Color Sorter Model G6 Raptor, Mfg 2006, Model No 603618-1, Serial No 06-149114, 220 volts - 40 Amp - 60 HZ. Also, assist you to set the sorting mode at the beginning. The number of pixels in other manufacturers' color sorters is 20.48 million, and the identification material is black and white imaging. 09-10 2020. It also manufactures Cleaning and Grading machinery for processing Seeds & Grains. So you should check what materials you will want to be sorted. Request Color Sorter Right Now. The SG Mini Optical Sorter also called a mini color sorter, is a small vertical grain sorting machine with a single chute. 4 useful tips to protect color sorters in summer. The Nimbus free-fall sorting machine is the answer to the food industry’s continuously high requirements and individual processors. Weight Kg (lbs)440 (995)614 … 300MM WIDE CHUTE . LMC VISTASORT CCD TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION. Has color cameras & (2) IR Lasers. A little carelessness may result in heavy losses. SG color sorting machine is the combination of many sorting solutions in CPU, it provides different sorting modes at one time. See All NFM. This machine can quickly assist in the sorting of crops in small processing plants or farms and remove impurities. Learn More . Nimbus. Why SG's Color Sorting Machine. Sortex Machine | Color-Sorter. The NFM field color sorting machine is a robust and reliable harvester mounted sorter which performs significant color and foreign material sorting. The latest 3 linear color CCD camera and FPGA processing system in addition to the high-speed electromagnetic ejector have been adopted in the machine, and also the multi-color touch screen has been installed therein, so it is a high-tech product combined with technology of optics, electronics and pneumatic NIR is an optional device.