Comparative evaluation of conventional protein supplements, such as solvent-extracted groundnut cake and mechanically extracted mustard cake (MC), with nonconventional protein supplements, such as mechanically extracted castor oilseed cake (COSC), undecorticated solvent-extracted neem seed cake (NSC), and CGM, revealed that RUDP content of groundnut cake, MC, and sunflower cake varies between 23% and 26% of CP. Gas chromatographic analysis of oil has shown the diversity of fatty acid fractions with predominantly unsaturated fatty acids (generally C16, C18, and C20) in many of these species (Weber et al., 2007). Feeding the milking doe – Milk does should be given as much quality grasses and legumes as they can consume. Feed ingredients such as wheat bran, rice bran, cotton seed cake (CSC), etc. Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of Sterigmatocystin originates from Aspergillus versicolor and was detected upon unintentional fungal infestation in the low ppm range, mainly in hard cheeses. D.M. Dairy products are susceptible to contamination by molds and once infested, mycotoxins can be formed. Numerous countries, including the Unites States, have set limits for AFBG in feedstuffs for dairy cattle and for AFM1 in milk and milk products. The results conclusively revealed that in majority of the cases, the low-MW polypeptides in the tested protein supplements showed resistance to rumen microbial fermentation, even after 48 h of rumen incubation (Wadhwa et al., 2012). balance sheet etc. The use of on-farm resources as pond inputs to cultured Tilapia rendalli and Oreochromis shiranus on smallholder farms in Malawi in monoculture and polyculture systems has also been investigated (Chikafumbwa, 1998). Feed represents the highest item of expenses in raising goats; hence, it is very necessary to understand the principles of feeding in order to feed goats economically. Covalent binding of the toxin to organic material can be through complexation to carbohydrates, cellulose, proteins, and even be produced during food processing (e.g., fermentation). The polypeptides in the globulin, prolamin, and glutelin fraction of groundnut cake with a molecular weight (MW) 35, 15, 16, and 19 kDa, respectively, were highly resistant to microbial degradation even after 24 h or rumen incubation. The aboveground plant parts were most commonly used as decoctions to cure various ailments such as gastrointestinal diseases, arthritis, asthma, cough, body pain, skin diseases, respiratory and sexual problems, and so on (Qasim et al., 2011, 2014). The in vitro methane production was the lowest (P < 0.01) from TP followed by that from CSC, SBG, MC, and CGM. Therefore, I intentionally did not cover feed formulation and processing in this chapter, since farmers buy their feed from feed mills and need not to worry about feed formulation and manufacturing. It should also be emphasized that the quality, sustainable availability, composition and costs of these feed inputs must be determined before the farmer decides whether or not to use them as food inputs. Business, Project Identification, Project Feasibility and Market Several mycotoxins result from unintentional fungal nonstarter culture infestation of dairy products. entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals Besides being used by manufacturers, industrialists and SEED OIL IMPROVEMENT IN COTTON Dinesh K. Agarwal1 and N. Gopalakrishnan2 1Scientist (S.G.), 2Project Coordinator & Head, Central Institute for Cotton Research Regional Station, Coimbatore Cotton, the single largest natural source of fibre worldwide and one of the most important commercial crops of India, plays a dominant role in both agrarian and The nephrotoxic and carcinogenic ochratoxin A has also been detected in cheese. Of the 45 species analyzed so far, 26 show >20% oil recovery. Cotton is primarily cultivated for its lint or fibre, in other words, lint is the main product of cotton crop. Dairy contamination by mycotoxins can be via two different routes: indirect contamination and direct contamination.