60000. 1 List of RIG upgrades 1.1 Level 1 Suit 1.2 Level 2 Suit 1.3 Level 3 Suit 1.4 Level 4 Suit 2 Gallery The Level 1 Suit is the first suit available and serves as the starting gear for the player. Medium med pack. This build was by far the most detailed cos… Even if you were using the regular suites you would not be able to step back from a level 3 to a level 2. IIRC the only suit that you would be able to change back to would be the Military Suit … Plasma energy. AuFox80 - 9 years ago 7 11. ... Level 3 suit (Chapter 4) Level 4 suit (Chapter 7) Level 5 suit (Chapter 10) User Info: AuFox80. EVA Suit — Shown at 00:00 minutes in the above video guide. 1000 (25 units) Force energy. 1800 (4 units) Contact energy. Level 5 Suit. The Level 2 Suit can be purchased in the store for 30,000 credits. How To Unlock The EVA Suit. 35000. Level 2 Suit. I have decided to make a full Instructible on my DEAD SPACE Isaac Clarke Level 3 Cosplay costume!!!!! 900 (3 units) Ripper blades. Jul 31, 2014 - DEAD SPACE - Isaac Clarke Level 3 Suit Complete Cosplay Build: Because of the great response I got from my Dragon Age Inquisition Instructable helmet build thread. 1250 (25 units) Flamethrower fuel. 20000. Answer this Question. Dead Space 3 (any version, Steam, Origin etc. works) WinRAR/7-Zip or any RAR extraction software. Description: A lightweight space suit designed to protect its wearer from prolonged radiation exposure; typically worn by private-sector salvage operators. Level 4 Suit. User Info: DarknessElves. Small med pack. 2000 (2 units) Pulse rounds. 1200 (6 shots) Line racks. Level 3 Suit. 2000. There are a total of four RIG upgrades available for the player in Dead Space (mobile). You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest. Cheat Engine (all versions should work, I tested this on 6.8) Steps: Download 2 files (Dead Space 3 {tabman}.CT and Dead Space 3 ID.rar) from the attachments in this thread (credits to the poster for discovering all this btw!) I am playing Dead Space and i want to know which suits are located where. Watch the video guide here to see all Dead Space 3 Unlockable Suits. 2000. 10000. 5000. All of the DLC suits are Level 5 in respect to inventory slots and ammounts of protections provided.