The fact is the best selling hair treatment products are bunch of chemicals mixed together to cheaply create a one size fits all product for the mass. There always seems to be a new release, hailed as a “hero product,” that is promised to dramatically transform our beauty routines. Does the Violight Toothbrush Sanitizer Really Work. Launched in 2012, Moroccanoil became a haircare staple, thought of as the miracle cure for damaged hair by salon owners everywhere. I now tend to go with natural products from small companies and I’ve been very satisfied with the quality of these products so far. Moroccan oil is chock-full of hair-helping benefits. There’s just one problem: silicone is a key ingredient in a number of Moroccanoil products – in fact the first 4-6 listed ingredients are silicones. How Does Monat’s Rejuvenique Oil Stack Up? That’s what we’re here to validate, and see if the social proof is there to back it up. If you’re wondering does moroccan oil have silicone, the answer depends on which of their products you’re looking at. If you’re paying any less, it’s probably fake. Not all products containing argan oil are bad though. There’s just one problem: silicone is a key ingredient in a number of Moroccanoil products – in fact the first 4-6 listed ingredients are silicones. It’s understood that you get what you pay for, and you make the compromise that the cheaper products might not work as well, but it’s better than paying more for a label. They say that they started with their original Moroccanoil Treatment for the hair, and branched out from there after getting more and more popular. So in conclusion, yes Moroccan Oil does contain silicones, but as the Beauty Brains says “If you use a silicone containing product and you like the way it makes your hair look and feel, DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! Argan oil is essentially the “miracle” product that works wonders on your hair, and why people rush to buy Moroccan Oil. I mean, it can, but only to an extent. A. It also has a lot of vitamin E and naturally-occurring antioxidants that can help battle free radicals. Moroccan oil is chock-full of hair-helping benefits. You’d probably be much happier during quarantine if you were self-isolating at a Beverly Hills mansion with a private pool, hot tub, sauna, movie theater, and tennis court. Required fields are marked *, Example: Does The IKEA Wall Mounted Bamboo Workspace Really Work? That way you will end up giving it the best chance, and you should be happy with the results you get, like hundreds of others that have gone before you. That’s apparently what’s going on here. Some things are only found on Facebook. Moroccanoil Official Site. Oh, just because real argan oil requires little to no sun exposure as it breaks down the oil’s natural properties. Everyone wants to look their best and these two parts of the body go a long way in looking and feeling your best. There seems to be a great divide in the sort of quality you can expect from products for the hair and skin. If you’ve shopped for these type of items before, you probably roll your eyes at all of the similar claims, and have been burned once or twice on lousy products. But these are causing a bit of a stir, and people are saying they actually work. All rights reserved. Well, the term ‘Moroccan oil’ usually means Argan oil and that is a lovely 100% natural oil that is produced mainly in Morocco – surprise, surprise! The Hype Many users have expressed that the prices are a tad higher than competing products, but then go on to say that it’s worth the extra cost for the results they’re getting. 5. The Cost Can Moroccan oil help with my dandruff? The Claim Yes. GALORE is a media brand for the modern bombshell, speaking to the edgy, sexy and creative woman in her 20's surrounding Fashion, Beauty, Pop, Sex + Dating and Health.