Neither the "Deep Protection" Spell. Thanks for doing the legwork here. If you ask me, it's still a must-wear as usual. EDIT: The Fextralife wiki claims these values for stamina restoration: This might just mean an additional 7 per second as a flat addition to whatever the current rate is. At 40 endurance with ring of favor +2, a total of 177 stamina, it took me 234 frames to regen without blossom and 207 with blossom, 13% quicker. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Rezonus. And that's with keeping the default version in mind. Another cut 1 frame after the stamina reached maximum. The faster you recover, The longer you live #4. zerogear5. Did this come from a random person or a guide? Rezonus. And "7-9" is really vague. Not sure what you mean but the higher your endurance the more you profit from that. And (even if I didn't test it yet) think they will have a dramatic impact like in previous games. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'll test it later tho. +2: Raises stamina recovery speed by 9 points per second. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Now I got my total time it took. I did some tests and recorded the recovery speed of my stamina with and without the ring. What about trying this experiment using an equip load ratio of 0% (in other words, no gear, and in this case 0% means as close to 0% as you can get, not sure if removing all gear will even get you this low). I'm about to make a little ring-guide (whats utterly useless and whats good) but this is just about the Chloranthy ring. People post false info on there all the time. I then jumped to the frame where it reaches its maximum and looked at the time it took and compared it to situations like "with equipped ring / with crest shield" etc. You won't see a difference. Then I dragged the video into my cutting software and cut 1 EXACT frame ahead of where the recovery of my stamina begins. Are we talking percent values? IT would be silly not to use the grass crest shield. i always wear that thing. ". You can find those results here or in the following table: So in short, Green Blossom isn't that good like your testing gave back as a result. Your green blossom results are extremely off from what I got also counting frames. Ofc the more stamina the better the bonus.. but you won't see any difference in PvP in this case. Chloranthy Ring + Grass Crest Shield do stack, bonuses stack additional-> So the Grass Crest Shield + Chloranthy Ring gave me a bonus of exact 20ms faster regeneration. haha. Unless you’re going for some gimmicky build that has max stamina regen, just ignore this shield altogether. So we have these things that speed up your stamina recovery: Now I did a little bit of testing and can of course provide you with the source if needed. Where to Find Chloranthy Ring. Just wear Chloranthy Ring+3 and/or pop a Green Blossom if you want stamina regen. #5. +1: Raises stamina recovery speed by 8 points per second. I recorded my stamina (30 Endurance) recovery rate with and without several items. If this is the case, then no more testing is necessary because this number won't change. Chloranthy Ring. I would be interested to see if the numbers here can change depending on your total stamina or equip load. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Weight: 0.7 . And then, trying the same thing with an equip ratio of 100% or higher? This time: Items that buff your stamina recovery speed. So the other 31.96% are coming the Green Blossom only which makes it the very best stamina buff item in this game by far. Can we get a +1 and +2 version in ds3? Instead of 40% it's just about 13% increase. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The last item for stamina recovery boost is Green Blossom (can be bought at and it gives an incredible boost compared to all other items: Green Blossom gives you a stamina recovery boost of 40%. So in relation with the other items, they are also not so bad, but of course also not so great. Or are the breakpoints just 30% and 70%? It's 174 with the basic version. I came to the exact result that the chloranthy ring recovers stamina just 10ms faster than without at 30 Endurance. Grass Crest Shield has the EXACT same bonus as Chloranthy Ring. Thanks for you testing, but I ended up with completely different results. the combined delay of my controllers input + the screen input is more than 10ms. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Chloranthy Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 3. Chloranthy Ring: my stamina regenerated 0,1s faster, Grass Crest Shield: my stamina regenerated 0,1s faster, Deep Protection: my stamina regenerated 0,05ms faster, Green Blossom: my stamina regenerated 1s faster, All items listed above are stackable meaning their regeneration buff will totalize, Without any buff items: It took my stamina 3,13s to reach its maximum, With ALL buff items: It took my stamina 1,88 to reach its maximum. 16 ABR 2016 a las 22:05 someone tested the effects and I can safely say the percent increase is so small you are better of using something else if you can.