Read the 11 factors you need to know to understand which degree is better - an MBA or MiM. User account menu. MBA vs Masters in Management, which one to choose? Masters in Engineering Management Requirements. IMO the MBA is a great qualification for letting you pursue a broader array of career opportunities. Getting ms systems engineering vs mba and how consulting firms view them. 5. If you’re looking to stay at your current engineering-focused company and are looking for that leg up into the upper echelons of management, it turns out your MBA may be a golden ticket to dreams fulfilled. By Swati on February 12, 2016. My ultimate goal is to attain an engineering management position with a company. Unlike MEM programs, most MBA programs in the United States require a GRE or GMAT but aside from this requirement, it is fairly easy for any student with an undergraduate degree from any discipline to get into an MBA program. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If I want to … Press J to jump to the feed. ms in usa; When it comes to choosing an international post-graduate (Masters) degree, not many would be familiar with the MEM (Master of Engineering Management) degree. From the start, an engineer’s academic background and technical skills allow them to easily understand product design and build, enabling them to speak with customers, consult clients, and lead teams in a business setting. Categories . For that reason a business Masters is always suitable for professionals who aspire to careers of thorough subject-matter expertise. At deloitte master in public Health administration seems equivalent. Log in sign up.

A few notes on doing an MBA. 5. So I am going to graduate with an engineering degree this May and am really interested in getting an MBA as part of my career goals. Close. They can vary by discipline and by school and the MBA (from a top B-School) brings with it a fantastic network of alums to have in your "Rolodex". I know a few guys who consider the alumni network just as, if not more important than the actual degree they're pursuing. Masters Degree; Tags . Per a recent LinkedIn article on the topic and just plain old common sense, managers with an engineering background are much more equipped to oversee other engineers. I have been looking into options for MBA's and learned of another degree called Masters of Engineering Management or Masters of Engineering and Management. This degree may not have got enough traction as it caters to a specific educational … What's your opinion on getting an ms systems engineering vs mba. Master of Engineering Management (MEM) vs MBA.