I downloaded the game and replaced the fantasy,exe file from the patch folder. Maybe they were planning Dark Legion, which has very similar gameplay, but much better combat graphics. Why do most of the answers on the copy protection sheet not work ? We put it in Fantasy Empires, and it was a little bullet point on the back for marketing and no one noticed. I have tried some other combinations. Fantasy Empires can be played in either single scenario or campaign mode and accommodates up to five players either human or chosen from twenty computer controlled opponents. I've never heard the phrase "neural network," but the best part of the game was most definitely the player's ability to control the battles, not the artificial intelligence system. You moved your armies in a turn-base phase, but the battles were played in a very flawed arcade sequence. first! admin More than 16500 old games to download for free! Don't know what to do now. What are the protection word to give in answer before the start of the game ? I think those games tried very much to recapture the spirit of Archon. Why do most of the answers on the copy protection sheet not work? DOS version. 2014-04-16 DOS version. Gameplay is split between the strategic map, where you can cast spells, select diplomacy actions, build several structures to train different unit types (similar to Master of Magic), and the close-up tactical view screen where you can see and control your armies in battle. We did a lot of tests on it. 2 points. please help! 1 point If you have trouble to 2018-10-18 It was part of my master's thesis. Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny, Campaign: From North Africa to Northern Europe. 0 point I hope you enjoy the memories and please subscribe and ring the bell to be notified on my latest uploads. Says install.info is missing. I am trying C:\FANEMPFantasy.exe but nothing works. 0 point, I have windows 10. Shalom, huh? If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us! Useful links One of the best features of the game is the "Dungeon Master" -- a computer-controlled wizard who will give you advice and general remarks during the game, in a surprisingly well-done digitalized voice. DONT TYPE ANITHING, just press ENTER ! For me though, Stronghold and Dark Sun were the games of note from that pack. Contribute Shalomas The game takes place in the fantasy land of Mystara, where "the dungeon master" (hey - I've heard that one before) has given you a challange (defeat your opponents as usual). FAQ DOS version. Use I believe Shift + F11 to slow down DosBOX's emulation so that the game runs at normal speed. 2020-11-03 I really enjoyed FE and I'd be pretty happy with some kind of port, even; I'm pretty gosh-freaking sick of Tolkienesque (and thus D&D -- that's another argument, save it for another thread or PM) fantasy (I MEAN IT) but every now and then I play a game or two of it and enjoy it. Empire Aflame, the second expansion for Fantasy General II, is out now. 2020-07-23 Combat is, however, real-time; although the arcade segment will be fairly acceptable to most wargamers who dislike frenetic action games. TIGSource has an official Discord server now! DOS version, Fucked up archive, now everything is ok. Patched exe is in a separate folder. Wed, October 21, 2020 10:08 AM PDT In true D&D style, you must start out by creating your character. I'm sure this game have a crazy potential !! Those were the days. A lot of older members here have probably heard of or played SSI's epic "Fantasy Empires" at some point or another. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Using D fend, and I can't get it to work. Don't get it. You could very easily win with a ranged-attack hero, by killing the enemy while they were stuck in the castle, shooting through walls. @Paul - It's not rocket science. MetalKid Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario, Yu-Gi-Oh! 2016-12-22 0 point Thanks guys, Graega This game was quite cutting edge when it was released back in the day, although the games from more prolific publishers/developers stole the limelight. Neural networks can be absolute crap because they depend on a lot of ambiguous factors and by the time the network is seeded you really have no idea how it works. During the game when the word request come Using an archival program like WinZIP, you extract the files from fantasy.arj into the same directory. Tactical map graphics and events were nice though, I don't get why they put in the top-down fights. 0 point. You begin by creating your character, as well as up to 4 opponents. 1 point. abandonware guide In this next chapter of the Keldonia campaign, you fight as the Empire facing a new type of enemy, born from the Shadowlord’s realm and spreading like a dark plague. Though, I always ended up save scumming so my heroes could get amazing weapons and I could send a lone hero to destroy entire castles by himself. when i opened the fantasy.exe it says "this app can't run on your pc" Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. JohnnyCashMoney This character is only meant to be a figurehead and does not participate in … 0 point. LOL run Fantasy Empires, read the Hmm, thought this was interesting -- a quote from Dyack (of Silicon Knights) about the neural net in Fantasy Empires: Fantasy Empires had a learning neural network and an agent that would try to learn from what you were doing. JJR As in RPGs, your characters and units grow in experience as you progress through the campaign, earning you access to more powerful spells and buildings. 1 point 2019-02-28 An option is available to personalize the character with … Definitely one of the best fantasy games ever made, Fantasy Empires is an incredibly addictive fantasy strategy game that combines real-time tactical combat, numerous strategic options, and brilliant graphics and sound effects into an unforgettable gaming experience. Hm, I wonder, even if most people didn't consciously notice it, if it really did enhance the game. :), Jemak Gameplay is split between the strategic map, where you can cast spells, select diplomacy … with the one in PATCH folder. Contact I'm not sure you need to run that however. 1 point. -1 point. Then copy the fantasy.exe file from the Patched EXE directory and replace the one that was in the archive. About This game is … A lot of older members here have probably heard of or played SSI's epic "Fantasy Empires" at some point or another. Taking screenshots Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. The best strategic game i ever play.. Heads up, if you name your character "Jim Ward" you get maximum gold and magic every turn after the first. DOS version. DOS version. The game is set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe and features commentary from a Dungeon Master that is computer controlled. DOS version. I opened the compressed file provided, copied over the fantasy.exe and ran the game. I don't think that means good AI isn't a worthwhile feature, it's just often not the kind of thing people rant and rave about. Well, I think the game still relied on superior numbers to win battles.