Als beliebtestes Modell der kalifornischen Traditionsschmiede ist die klassische Stratocaster im Rahmen der überarbeiteten Serie natürlich zahlreich vertreten. The American Professional are a top-tier range, designed for working musicians, but the American Professional II Series is giving those workers a promotion. 379 (4.5 / 5) Die Fender American Professional Stratocaster ist die vorerst letzte Generation einer schier endlosen Kette von Neuauflagen eines Klassikers, der seit 1954 gefertigt wird und ohne den nicht nur der Rock'n Roll ein anderes Gesicht hätte. March 06, 2017. Joe Gore. Die Fender American Professional II Stratocaster HSS beweist sich im Test als Allroundinstrument mit den charakteristischen Eigenschaften der Gitarrenlegende. Fender American Professional Stratocaster review Professional Standards £1399; By Dave Burrluck 16 February 2017. Superb, 'produced' Strat tones. Pros Top-notch build quality. It wasn’t long after the instrument’s 1954 debut before players started tinkering with Leo’s original recipe, and the model’s evolution in the decades since has often been dramatic. The first notable improvement from the original American Professional series is the “Super Natural” satin finish on the reverse of the neck, while the headstock retains that classic Fender look with a gloss urethane finish. 04.02.2017. Fender American Professional Stratocaster Test E-Gitarre Die Unsterbliche. Sire Larry Carlton S7 FM Test Auch die Sire Larry Carlton S7 schlägt als S-Style-Gitarre in dieselbe Kerbe wie die H7-Hollowbody und die Marcus Miller Bässe: Signature-Sound zum Sparpreis. The new Fender American Ultra Stratocaster has been tweaked to make it the most perfectly playable Strat yet, but we're even more smitten by the Tom Morello signature Stratocaster. While it isn't the most exciting Strat we've ever seen, this Professional model lives up to its name. Our Verdict. The slab body and optional 'Soul Power' decal crank up the cool factor to 11. Shares. Cons Its middle-of-the-road spec may be a little bland for some. Fender American Professional Stratocaster Review. A A Strat traditions aren’t merely deep—they’re also wide. von Bassel Hallak . Fender American Professional II Stratocaster MN Dark Night & Stratocaster HSS RW Mercury American Professional II Stratocaster & Stratocaster HSS . Fender American Professional II Stratocaster $1,499 - $1,599 / £1,599 - £1,649. A compound radius fingerboard (more on that in a minute) and a recessed Floyd Rose vibrato make for outstanding playability and tuning.