My band's guitar player (I'm actually the keyboard player) had the Flashback X4 for a while. Both have the issue of lots of hidden functions, so they don't feel as dynamic as I'd like. The Flashback x4 i initially bought had no warble/ artefacts when changing delay times, which is crazy. Howdy folks, A while back I wanted a delay with tap tempo. I now use a Free the Tone delay which I like (but it's not a dual delay). Anyone used the empress echosystem with midi clock? A dual delay + reverb. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. I've owned both -- Echosystem is significantly more powerful and sounds better IMO. All the delay engines are dual. I don't mind hidden functionality but the ui has to streamline it. I would just use it as a preset machine that I could tweak. The Timeline (and DIG) have a lot more less intuitive secondary functions IMO. I assume that the H9 allows the same 'dual' delay for every delay setting, but don't know for sure. It was pretty apparent when I just compared the various tape or bbd emulations side by side. The thing is though, I personally feel like there’s something about all it’s algorithms that make them sound fairly similar in tonality. The TC Electronic Flashback Delay shootout you have been waiting for. If say I have DD500, will the Timefactor bring me anything to the table? While it does have a lot of hidden functions, I'd argue that it was still much simpler to use than a Timeline. And there's the Mooer Ocean Machine. The Dig has dual delays as well. Not even strymon Dig or Flshback Triple?? TC Electronic Flashback Delay Comparison - YouTube Electronic Music Instruments and Electronic Music Production, Empress Effects Echosystem vs Strymon Timeline for Synths, Reverbs and Delay for Synth(Eventide, Boss). TC Electronic also have bigger box alternatives like the Flashback X4 and the Flashback Triple Delay - but the regular pedal is certainly the neatest, they just now need to figure out how to switch modes via footswitch - that is the key advantage of the larger 2 and 3 button alternatives - the ability to easily and quickly switch between presets. It also happens to sound great. Already have an account? One knob per function, no hidden stuff. I compare the 2290, tape and 2290 Mod delays of the Flashback 2 X4, Flashback 2 and the Flashback Triple Delay. The Triple is, as the name implies, three delays in one, allowing different patches and settings or all together at once. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Strymon DIG vs Flashback Triple Delay I'm specifically looking to use it with synthesizers and wanting a dual delay (multi tap) stereo ping pong effects. Haven't owned the triple delay, but I have had the regular flashback and the X4. The mini is a Tone Print only, allowing you to create a custom delay tone and beam it into the pedal on the fly. My experience with TC Electronic has not been good. They also have the Toneprint thing, where you can use the Toneprint software to design new delay types, and also download ones made by others. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Comment below!Follow Chords of Orion Music on:Bandcamp: http://chordsoforion.bandcamp.comSpotify: iTunes/Music: #DelayPedal #EffectsPedalChords of Orion Gear Recommendations: used in this video (in order of the signal chain):Heet Sound EBow Plus SE-277 Baritone Guitar Ego Compressor Little Alligator Volume Pedal Electronic Flashback 2 X4 Delay TC Electronic Flashback 2 Electronic Flashback Triple Delay Eleven RackFocusrite Saffire Pro 40 Apple Logic Pro XChords of Orion - Ambient guitar music for the mind and heart.Bill Vencil - GuitarsCloud video - Bill VencilWeb: http://chordsoforion.comFacebook: Affiliate Disclosure:Chords of Orion is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for Chords of Orion to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Then there are TCs Flashback Triple Delay and Flashback x4 delay. I was in the first batch of timeline buyers and other than the first month, I haven't used it since. I sold my Echosystem. Hey there! Shootout! Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. I had to send three back because of bad footswitches, which are relays rather than mechanical ones so very hard to fix yourself. But for me, and for the types of delay sounds I prefer, the E2D is where it's at. Too many hidden functions which I kept on forgetting. It also has the Golden Ratio tap division which is not available on the TimeLine and provides delays that will never step on the repeats for getting a great ambient sound with long trails. I prefer my Timefactor to all of these (except the Triple delay, haven't tried that one). There’s a reason why the Timeline is one of the most common pedals found on the boards of professional guitarists. That already ruled it out for me as a creative tool. The echosystem sounds more natural and accurate in its emulation modes, and has a much reduced artificial character that the Strymon stuff possesses. Their customer support is awful. I actually think the flashback series sounds really good. Strymon absolutely fails in this regard and easily has one of the worst interfaces, in my opinion. He liked it so I decided to get one too. Only a single preset AFAIK, but has MIDI for syncing. What do you think of the comparison? Actually, there are numerous reasons – it’s an all-encompassing delay beast with 12 different types included (‘delay machines’ in TimeLine-speak), plus a stereo 30-second looper and an onboard memory that can store 200 rewritable presets in 100 banks of two. DUAL DELAYS: Dig vs Flashback Triple (or X4) vs Echosystem vs Timefactor vs DD500 vs D-two, vs Grand Canyon vs Nemesis. I like the TC Nova delay on synths. I love my timeline. Compared to the other pedals in the Flashback lineup, the Triple Delay does stand out in that it offers a different way to experiment and come up with unique sounding delay effects. Mine lives permanently connected to a Grandmother. If you really love tape echo I'd go for the el cap, if you don't need the separate tap tempo and need various delay types/looper/chorus the flashback, Re: El Capistan vs. TC-Flashback … The DIG looks and sounds great, but wanted to know if I can get the same effect using the FB Triple Delay since it's a … Many have asked them to add it in a software update but they never did. Be sure to check out the full Flashback series, with the Mini, Triple and x4, in addition to the standard model. Strymon makes great stuff but they all have some hidden functions. You need an account to post a reply. Maybe some people refer to it as the “sheen”. Now, the TF vs H9 debate is different. Which do you like better? DIG has unique digital voicings for 24/96, ADM, and 12 bit delays with the ability to set the output configuration to ping pong between the left and right outputs when used in stereo. What is the difference between Flashback x4 and triple delay? The Timeline sounds very good and has all the amenities (MIDI, 24/96 conversion and processing, hundreds of presets etc), but I wouldn't consider it a dual delay - it has one dual delay algorithm, and the rest is single delays. And it sounds even better when you tweak it to your taste with the editor. Needed the manual to understand what the different parameters did for each model. Or Any other batter one still in production... Having tried them all, I haven’t found anything that is hands on and immediate as the Eventide TimeFactor.