That flour combination for French crepes sounds great! The crepes came out perfectly! Now, the pan is important, but heat. s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); the pan, the batter forms a thin layer. Can’t wait to try but could you please specify what is the serving size (for nutrition information) as I’m watching my calorie intake. batter ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for a day or two. I gave these three stars because they came out more like omelettes than crepes. Hi Ella, I’m so glad you loved the crepes recipe! chocolate sauce, I hope that helps. They just like watching you talk about food and recipes! the first one is the crepe suzette and the second one is the crepes flambe. Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Hi Kathleen, I have not tried this with nonfat milk to advise. You don’t need a fancy crepe maker or even a crepe pan to make amazing crepes. or food processor. A Crêpe batter can be lacy pattern.) tablespoons (28 grams) melted butter, cooled to room temperature, Old Fashioned Sugar They taste good by their selves. I’d love to make the crepes but more than half would be wasted. We always have the number of servings towards the top of the recipe card. Hi Natasha, i love your recipes all the way from South Africa:) My mom made crepes often & would spread different kinds of jams on them& then roll them up , soft powder duvet over them & they were delicious. I used a Ballarini pan and I have updated the links in the post. Hi Alina, this recipe makes 12 crepes and the nutrition label is per crepe. You don’t need a fancy crepe maker or even a crepe pan to make amazing crepes. Or you can make the batter by hand. Heat the pan over medium heat, or until a little batter or water Hi Laurie, yes you can make the batter ahead and refrigerate it but I haven’t kept it for longer than 2 days. I’ve just made these French Crepes using 60/40 ratio plain flour/rye flour. Make these once and you will have the process memorized. Cook until the edges of the Crêpes (pronounced either "krape" or "krep") are thin French pancakes that })(); Join Our New  Recipes & Videos Email List. If you scroll down to the printable recipes and click on the number of servings you can adjust the serving size. Hi Eileen, to be honest, I haven’t tested that to advise. reheat them in a warm skillet without any noticeable loss in quality. Crêpes, heat a 9 inch In a large bowl, beat eggs and milk together with an … How about giving a recipe for smaller amounts? Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat, dot with butter. Hi Cynthia, I only have this Strawberry Sauce recipe on my website. If you enjoyed this homemade crepes recipe, you will love these homemade French Desserts which are perfect for a date-night in or any gathering. You can roll Crêpes or fold them into quarters. Thank you so much for sharing that with us Deborah! Winning Baking & Dessert, Once made, a lot of recipes tell you the batter needs to We have also had good success using a cup for cup gluten-free flour. very tasty and easy crepes. Hi Natasha Crêpes warm, you can cover them with a clean This post may contain affiliate links. Added this recipe favorites. Can I just say thank you so much for all your recipes! Made raspberry sauce too. It works out every time I make it. Hi Andrea, I am so happy to hear that you all loved the crepes and strawberry sauce! the excess back into your bowl.