Deliveries to Gloucester Township residents and businesses at wholesale prices, call us at 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666. Compress and flatten recyclables to maximize cart space. The GTMUA operates the municipal sewer collection system. satisfactory service at the most economical rate, Carts are only available through the GTMUA. The Gloucester Township Municipal Utilities Authority ( Authority ) was created by the Township of Gloucester by ordinance dated October 6, 1958 and amended November 29, 1963 and serves the Township of Gloucester. the wastewater in compliance with our NJDEP permit and regulations. GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP MUA (856) 227-5665 or (856) 227-8666 . Gloucester Township MUA owns and operates a recycling center for the receipt and processing of leaves and grass clippings. 5, 19; Aug. 2, 16, 30; Sept. 13, 27; Oct. 11, 25; Nov. 8, 22; Dec. 6, 20. This video is unavailable. Cart must be at least 5 feet away from any obstacles such as mailboxes, trash, utility poles, vehicles, yard waste and other carts. How are Gloucester Township MUA tax dollars spent? Air Conditioners, Freezers & Refrigerators, Brush, Dirt/Sod & Garden/Lawn Debris (weekly), Vacuumed leaves, check with GTPW for fall & spring collection dates, Grass (every week 11/1- until Spring Grass Season). Waste Management  1-800-633-9096 (customer service) resident account number 49856022. Brush must be cut into 4-foot lengths and tied into bundles not to exceed 40 pounds each (as per Ordinance Chapter 58A). Leaves (weekly 3/15-10/31 open bags or in a two handled can only), Air Conditioners, Freezers, & Refrigerators, Electronics dropped off or call for curbside pick-up. TUESDAY 2: Breckenridge Village, Brookwood, Cottage Gate, Country Oaks, Cross Keys Rd. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Please check their website; or call (856) 858-5241 for their 2019 disposal locations and drop-off dates. to Laurel Rd. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. Can I paint my cart or change my cart lid? To Blackwood-Clementon Rd., Revere Run II, Southgate Woods, Winter Hill, Cherrywood, Quail Hollow, Westgate Woods, Ballantree, Charles Avenue, Somerdale Rd.-from Lee Ann Drive to Mardale Drive, Stonegate, Timberline, Wilson Tract, Broadmoor, Chewswyck, Somerdale Road-from Chews Landing Road to Lee Ann Dr, Woodbridge. Household electronics may be dropped off at the Public Works building; located at 1729 Erial Road, Blackwood. Recycling carts are collected every other week at curb side. 8, 22; Aug. 5, 19; Sep. (2)>3, 16, 30; Oct. 14, 28; Nov. 11, 25; Dec. 9, 23. Residents must call Public Works @ 856-228-3144 by Tuesday – 4:00 pm to schedule a Wednesday curbside pick-up. (from Randy Rd. Jan. 7, 21; Feb. 4, 18; Mar. WEDNESDAY 2: Autumn Court, Broadmoor, Charles Ave., Chewswyck, Eyres Place, Lampost Lane, Morgan Hill Estates, Somerdale Rd. Medication may be disposed of at the Police Station. 856-228-4000,, Download the 2019 Recycling guidelines & schedule, GT Works Newsletter – November 25, 2020 (2.8 MB), GT Works Newsletter – November 19, 2020 (2.3 MB), GT Works Newsletter – November 12, 2020 (2.1 MB), GT Works Newsletter – November 5, 2020 (2.1 MB), Planning Board Agenda 11/24/20-MEETING CANCELLED. 41 to Randy Rd. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. (from Hider Lane to Erial Rd. (4)>5, 18; Aug. 1, 15, 29; Sep. 12, 26; Oct. 10, 24; Nov. 7, 21; Dec. 5, 19. 6, 20; Apr. Please note: make sure any bucket/container used has two handles and is no larger than 32-gallons. 7, 21; Apr. Please click here if you are interested in buying high quality compost or topsoil from the GTMUA or call 856-227-5665 or 856-227-8666. to Rt. Please, do not put any markings on your cart as it is Township property; each cart has an identification number and a RFID tag which will correspond with your address. Trash Collection will continue on the present schedule. The Camden County Division of Environmental Affairs will take your hazardous materials. DO NOT RECYCLE: Use a needle clipper (from pharmacy). By removing recyclables from the regular trash flow, we help save our environment and save tax dollars that would otherwise be spent on trash disposal fees. The Administration Office is open and accepting phone calls. Plastics bags: DO NOT put plastic bags in your recycling cart/bucket. Write on container, “syringes-do not recycle” and throw in trash. to Clementon Ave.), Church St. (and all off streets), Davistown Rd. Jan. (1)> 2, 15, 29; Feb. 12, 26; Mar. Mailing Address: P.O. Gloucester Township MUA. while maintaining our infrastructure and facilities. Can the recycling cart be returned? How do I get an additional recycling cart? Gloucester Township Municipal Building 1261 Chews Landing-Clementon Rd., at Hider Lane. Carts must always be on level ground (no snow or leaf piles). to Kearsley Rd. (from Rt. (856) 228-3144; no collections on Friday, Waste Management 800-633-9096 account #49856022 If needed, add more kitty litter or sand. Gloucester Township offers a quick and efficient way to pay your taxes. Glass containers that were previously used for food or beverages. (from Almonesson Rd. ), Woodshire, Wyntree. 11, 25; Apr. 10, 24; Jul. Proof of residency required. Brush will be collected WEEKLY by GTPW; on your regular recycling day with the exception of Friday, which will be picked up on Thursday. Please, keep brush/debris separate from grass clippings and leaves. Your old yellow recycling buckets may be used. Gloucester Township Municipal Building 1261 Chews Landing-Clementon Rd., at Hider Lane. Please remove the doors of all appliances prior to leaving at curbside.