Green Peas Puree Recipe (4-6 Months) Are Green Peas Good For My Baby? Should I Use Fresh Green Peas Or Frozen Peas For Making My Baby’s Puree? The consumption of green peas benefits health by protecting the stomach against stomach cancer.It contains a polyphenolic compound named coumestrol that aids in the cure of stomach cancer by promoting apoptosis or cell death of cancerous cells and prevent metastasis or the spreading of cancer in the abdominal region. They are green in color and grow in pods, which are also edible, and are categorized as legumes. Dietary fibers and vitamin C are some of the most dominating nutrients present in this small green superfood. Though they look small and tiny, the nutritional value of peas is considerably high. Green peas are an ancient type of cultivated vegetable that has incredible health benefits, such as improving digestion, preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and keeping the entire body strong and young. In fact, most of the benefits of peas are derived from these two nutrients; Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Green peas are famous for their health benefits and flavorful nutty taste. Green peas are loaded with vitamins A, B-1, B-6, C, and a supersized serving of osteoporosis-fighting K. Plus, a healthy springtime recipe for minted peas.