Grixis is a world of death, darkness, undead, hatred, envy, and a lot of other things. ... #grixis… smithmcbacon EDH. Bolas/Grixis/Dragons. Radiant Flames: Hey a board wipe against aggro decks on turn 3? Compare. Count it in. The three colors of Grixis are red, black, and blue, which embody some of the most twisted and inhuman ideals out of all the colors (such as rage from red, ruthlessness from black and deception from blue). I write this series because I like saving money and if I enjoy something, I figure others do as well. I'm trying to make it a control-ish deck with a powerful dragon win-con, but I'm unsure of how well it's going to work. Just made this to have fun with my play group who is now adopting the commander game mode Welcome to the last of the shards, Grixis. Dragon Tribal + Control? Compare to Deck. Updated Sep 15, 2014 by calvinglass1 using our MTG Deck Builder. To me, this card is still a must for any control deck. Dragons are a powerful archetype hidden in the Pioneer card pool. Nicci B, Dragon-G. Haudrauf EDH. #anvil of bogardan, #approach of the second sun, #aura of silence, ... the article series that builds entire EDH decks containing no card that costs more than $1. I'm currently building Grixis Dragons with Crosis, the Purger as the commander. Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. Acquireboard. Unread Messages All chats. Ravaging the Board! Proved to be useful sometimes. Grixis Dragons. Dandrius7 EDH. The Dragon God strikes again! It'll become a small piece to some future EDH deck I build when it rotates out. Close. Boasting an excellent control package and powerful finishers, this list has the tools to compete with the current meta. Updated Jun 14, 2017 by Zankaa using our MTG Deck Builder. (Bolas style) Rustbucket10 EDH. EDH/Commander is a Magic: The Gathering variant format that emphasises social interactions, interesting games, and creative deckbuilding. There are many versions of this deck, but Grixis is my personal favorite. Close. Bolas Tribal. Fieldtestno003 EDH.