Bach Have With His Wife 2? FAQ 24 – How Many Kids Did J.S. Johann Sebastian Bach had a prestigious musical lineage and took on various organist positions during the early 18th century, creating famous compositions like "Toccata and Fugue in D minor." yes. How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have with Maria Barbara? Germany. Answer. Asked by Wiki User. false. Johann Sebastian Bach had 7 children to his first wife and 13 to his second wife making a total of 20. Bach Have With His Wife 1? true or false Bach never mastered the art of the fugue, although he was a skilled composer . Bach married Maria Barbara, his second cousin, in 1707. Top Answer. As an adult, Handel moved to? FAQ 23 – Did Bach Have Children? 1. Johann Sebastian Bach had a lot of children — it's no wonder some went on to become fantastic composers. FAQ 26 – What Were the Names of All of Johann Sebastian Bach's Kids? 2017-04-10 16:33:48 2017-04-10 16:33:48. 10 of the children did not survive childhood. FAQ 27 – How Many of Bach's Children Lived Beyond Age 18? How Many Children? 20. was Johann S. Bach a master of contrapuntal composition? FAQ 25 – How Many Children Did J.S. How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have? Italy & London, England. George Friderik Handel was born in what country? Wiki User Answered . Did Johann Sebastian Bach have any children?