In this guide, we're going to cover 11 goat breeding questions that new goat owners ask about the most. On the other hand, "Equatorial Breeds" that originated from hotter climates, like miniature breeds including Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf, as well as meat goat breeds, can breed year-round. Lastly, when a doe is bred before she has reached her full growth potential herself, her growth can be stunted. To decide when to do your goat breeding, determine the ideal kidding time you want to aim at. We had about 10 kids born in the week or so before I'm writing this article, and we had several sleepless nights in a row helping our does deliver all of them in a short period of time. Some of the typical signs of a doe being in heat are... A "buck rag" is created by taking a rag, rubbing it all over a buck, then keeping it in a jar and using it to help does come into heat. Keep in the background and observe the doe well. But for the breeds that breed year-round, the bucks are interested in breeding any time there's a doe in heat, regardless of the time of year. This doesn't mean your goat can't give birth to more than that at one time. h��X�O�0�W�U�ێ4!��*�c��@|4*��@m���]��Kiցش}�ڱ�g���W5%�hF�%��%т(����A�"�0Dk�4�h��m ��ch��P�F�PЂ,�)� ܀`# ��UDe��D( Hopefully, you now have some valuable knowledge that will help you begin to learn how to confidently pick goats for your own breeding program. Knowing when a doe comes into heat, and knowing when she is bred by a buck, is important so you can be sure to start providing prenatal care at the right time. A much cheaper option for larger goats that are hard to lift is to use a goat "Weigh Tape" or a regular measuring tape. Therefore, it's critical to make sure that buck has the kind of strong, desirable conformation that you want to see being developed in your entire goat herd. This common question can be taken two ways. A buckling can start breeding as early as 7 weeks old. Another advantage to limiting time between births to no less than one year is that it gives your doe more time to nurse her kids which will help them grow. Pygmy goats have heat cycles every few weeks and will breed year round. Some people prefer to make their own goat anti-mating aprons. This is when the doe stands still so a buck can breed with her, rather than her running away as a doe usually does when not in heat. The answer to the first question is that some goats have a breeding season, and some goats don't. You will want to plan the timing of your goat's kiddings so you can be prepared to help, and so they won't occur at a terrible time, such as during extremely cold weather. Another less-permanent method to keep goats from breeding is to use a goat "anti-mating apron", or "buck apron". One tool that can help identify does that have been bred is a harness called a "breeding harness" or "marking harness". Banding is a fairly common procedure for castrating goats. It's also tough when you add the time to wean, bottle feed and care for so many kids in such a short period. This means that constant urination on the goat's face and legs can irritate and burn the skin and even remove the hair in those areas due to the acid in the urine. Consider adding minerals and vitamins, from sources such as black oil sunflower seeds ("BOSS"). Some studies have indicated that breeding with less frequency may actually increase the litter size. h�b```f``�a`e`(>� Ā B@V� l�5��:����P�uu0�Օ��C�1pt4tt ��� d`��Ғ@,`�e�g�����h�O�:������7ۅ�É-X�%x���K��FT�?_�m�w��t� R0 u�'v endstream endobj 33 0 obj <> endobj 34 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> endobj 35 0 obj <>stream You can have too many kiddings to handle properly, and with kids being born at bad times (eg, during the freezing cold of Winter) So how do you keep goats from breeding? However, when you actually begin seeing her push, she should have the kid delivered within 30 minutes. Once you know your goat's approximate kidding date, the next step will be for you to get ready for the new baby goats that are coming. You can get a vet to draw the blood. It is possible for a doe to safely kid about every 9 months. Be careful not to breed your goats at too young of an age. As usual, make sure your goats have plenty of quality forage, hay and grain. This applies whether you own the buck yourself, or you borrow a buck from another goat breeder as a stud goat. Or a doe can be sent to someone else's farm to be bred and returned later. However, goats have also been known to safely deliver septuplets (seven kids) on more than one occasion. A downside of an anti-mating apron for goats is that the apron can move around and sometimes the buck may be able to get around it and still breed. place where she can give birth apart from the other goats. When he mounts a doe to breed her, the crayon leaves a colored mark on her back. Before we focused on planned goat breeding, we had several Nigerian Dwarf kids born during Winter snowstorms back when we lived in Virginia. An advantage of having Nigerian Dwarf goats is that they go into heat about every 21 days year-round, so you don't have to worry as much about missing it. As you can see, when kidding time arrives, you may suddenly be handling multiple little kids all at once. H��U�NA�?&Y�~��[ With this, you measure the goat's "heart girth", wrapping the tape around your goat's chest just behind the front legs. The characteristics of the buck is more crucial than that of your does because your herd will be produced from many does, but many of those does will usually be bred by a single buck (more about this below). One sure sign that your doe is in heat and ready to be bred is when she shows evidence of "Standing Heat". This is mating between goats that may be somewhat related but not direct family. This can often work well with goats because, when they breed, you will see that it only takes a few seconds and it's done. They get very aggressive during rut and will do just about anything to reach a doe for breeding. Does that are bred too early may have problems during kidding (dystocia – kidding difficulty), and/or their future reproductive performance may be harmed. This is something a male goat often does during breeding season when he's in "rut". How Soon After Kidding can a Goat be Bred.