If your device is connected to your PC, disconnect the same. Download Magisk. Now there are two different approaches to root your device: with TWRP or without TWRP. Unlock Bootloader of your Android device . After enabling … Now, if you ask why Magisk? Install TWRP Recovery; Flash Magisk Zip file; Install and Setup Magisk Manager; We shall see each one of them in detail below. The rooting process involves using the fastboot tool to flash the patched boot image. Step 1: Install Android SDK Platform-Tools on Computer. The instructions for both the methods have been listed below in a step-by-step manner. These steps will take you through the process of rooting the OnePlus Nord using Magisk, without having to install or use TWRP at all. Every Android user wants to get the most out of it when it comes to the customizations and tweaking your device. Then extract the stock boot.img file from it and proceed with the below steps to root any Vivo device via Magisk without TWRP. Assuming your phone has a custom recovery, the first thing you’ll need is the Magisk zip file. If you're installing TWRP using this method on an A/B partition device, you need to flash Magisk right after that since it was likely wiped from your system. In this guide, we have shared with you the steps to Root Redmi 9 using Magisk without TWRP in a very simple way for your ease. 1. In this guide, we have shared with you the steps to root iMam i8 using Magisk without TWRP in a very simple way for your ease. There are two ways to install Magisk on an Android device and we shall see them both in detail below. On the other hand, the latter method calls for a lot of efforts, as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, you will have to get the stock boot.img file, patch it via Magisk, and flash it via Fastboot commands. The first method is rather simple- just flash the Magisk Installer ZIP via TWRP. It’s now time to patch the stock boot.img file via Magisk. Rooting is one of them and offers superuser or administrator access to the user in order to modify the system files and apps easily. For your convenience, we have also listed the steps to completely remove/uninstall Magisk to unroot, should you feel the need to do it. Method 1: Flashing Magisk Zip using TWRP Recovery. Custom Recovery (how to install) We’ll be using TWRP in this guide; 1. There are two different methods to install it – First, by flashing the latest Magisk installer zip using TWRP recovery, or two, by flashing the Magisk Patched Boot Image. STEP 3: Patch Vivo Stock Boot Image . In order to root your iMam i8, we will use the Magisk to patch the stock boot image and flash that to your device boot partition. In the specific example above, where I flashed TWRP, you would avoid doing a reboot until you installed Magisk in the same manner. Download the latest Magisk Zip file from here: Magisk Zip; Transfer the downloaded Magisk Zip file to your phone’s internal memory. To do so, follow the below steps.