Japanese rice varieties. 99 ($0.56/Ounce) Update: I've updated this post substantially in these two articles, 10 years later: How to cook great Japanese style rice, and How to make sushi rice (shari). ^_^ This is the first how-to and recipe that I posted on Just Hungry. https://www.allrecipes.com/article/how-make-perfect-sushi-rice-home It is one of the best sushi rice brand for making sushi or any other Japanese meals and cuisines. Ingredients for Sushi Rice. Water: Look at your rice cooker inner pot and fill it just under the 2 cup line.Your inner pot may have a ‘sushi rice’ measurement (mine doesn’t), if it does you can use that. Calrose is a medium grain Japonica rice that is widely used in many restaurants and is generally available everywhere and many people use it for sushi. On the other hand, the usual rice types for sushi are Sasanishiki (ササニシキ), Hatsushimo (ハツシモ), and Koshihikari (コシヒカリ). Please take a look there - you'll probably find them a lot clearer. - To cool and remove the moisture of the rice well, use a fan as you mix sushi rice. Varieties of sushi rice. - Sprinkle the vinegar mixture over the rice and fold the rice by spatula very quickly. Properly cooked rice is the foundation of a The 500 grams pack (shop now) contains 25.0 g … Japanese short grain rice (koshihikari): Two cups of rice (make sure to use the measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker) will yield about 4 cups, cooked. Check Price #5 Kokuho Sushi rice Brand. This best sushi rice brand has been meticulously bred for superior quality and it is been often imitated by others too, but never came equal, in terms of quality. I've learned a lot myself in 10 years! Preparing the Sushi Rice - Spread the hot steamed rice into a large plate by spatula. Calrose rice has actually been cultivated in California around the 1950s as a Western version of authentic rice and it would be an excellent alternative to Japanese sushi rice. This will give sushi rice a shiny look. Be careful not to smash the rice. Sushi Rice (16 oz) - White Sticky Short Grain - Vegan, Non-GMO, Made In USA, - Sushi, Rice Ball, And Everyday Japanese Dishes - Resealable Packaging 4.7 out of 5 stars 50 $8.99 $ 8 . It makes such soft rice that it can be used for making delicious Japanese sushi and a variety of other delicacies.