The Red Dirt is what happens when Robert Keeley puts all of his 15 years of TS-modding experience into a single pedal. Compression, Drive, Overdrive, Boost: you get it all here. The Tone Workstation is designed to be the first stage in your pedal board. The Super Mod Workstation … Get four of Keeley's most popular stompboxes in one! And Keeley designed it that way.

Starting with the classic Keeley Compressor, you can build a nice, thick tone full of sustain. ;-) Robert Keeley Yeah, I just went with the flow in the long run. Keeley's best TS-style tones. All of the Workstations were meant to team up with just a little bit of overlap. Rating and Reviews: Keeley Tone Workstation. Get Drenched. You'll still love the character of a well-voiced midrange hump. In short: there are no weak spots. However, I’m happy to report that the Keeley Super Mod Workstation takes a sharp left turn from the pack and delivers a surprisingly solid overall experience. The last stop on the Tone Workstation is a Keeley Red Dirt overdrive. It may even be the only pedal you bring to a gig. But a JFET front end allows the pedal to feel much more amp-like. The Super Mod will have some really nice surprises in the second patch of 8 effects like delay and reverb. Oh yes, compression before dirt. The Tone Workstation brings you a Keeley Compressor, Katana and 1962 boosts, and the Red Dirt OD pedal. It’s a well-thought-out smorgasbord of sonic handicraft. Just put a GC-2 or your old 4 Knob after the Tone Workstation! Gear • Reviews • Review Demo • Keeley • Effects • Filter • Multi-Effect • Overdrive • Tremolo • Pedal Issue 2016 • Special Videos • Videos • October 2016 Keeley Mod Workstation Review