It is possible for Lorian to teleport to the outside of boss room. NG+6 gives 208,250 souls, since I realized it's missing. Ye but I mean that's about the part about the lands being teleported into each other. Open the double door here and exit out. The description of Lorian's and Lothric's transposed swords suggest this. 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Gallery 4 References Situated upon a massive protrusion of rock, the walls and castles of Lothric are a testament to its former glory and mightiness. Continue up the long staircase and then head left to light the Dragon Barracks Bonfire. After he swings, hit him a single time and continue circling. Head to the right and take the stairs down to find Titanite Chunk 1x. You can loot a corpse near the hollow for Sniper Crossbow and Sniper Bolt 11x. If the player is always urging to do damage and cannot stomach the slow rate of progress in the fight, then it is best to remedy that, and not play until the player can be totally zen. Very often, Lorian and Lothric will do a power attack after this, so the player should keep his eyes open for that. Someone left a sign ,i taped him .good show ,till the invader showed an spoiled what was an easy section .thx for the help SHOCKER ,!! Go back up to the main path and head into a room on the right where winged knight will drop down. Note: life ring+2 can be found when exiting opposite the dragon claw/pus of man and dropping off the two ledges. if you dont do super dmg you have to summon. If you place yourself correctly, Twin Princes will just stay in place, giving you free opportunity to shoot Lothric in the back using bow. If you head left and look over the edge you can see the dark mass which has erupted from the fallen wyvern. If you head up the wider stairs and then head left you will find a knight in front of a corpse with a Greatlance. First take out the priest to prevent the healing (this should not aggro the knight). If you can ready a crystal-enchanted weapon it would probably be a much better option against lorian. Head out and to the right to come to the fog, where you will challenge the area boss, Dragonslayer Armour. Lothric will climb on Lorian's back, and cast spells from there. This is not advised, because it uses up stamina, and can lead to being stun-locked to death. Maybe it's only a glitch, but so far it was like this everytime I returned to the area. Killing Lorian again and taking the chance to deal damage to Lothric during this time works fine, and two Lorian kills during Phase II should be enough to kill Lothric. The room is filled with white feathers, suggesting a link to Gertrude and the worship of angels in Lothric, a link further supported by the parallels between Prince Lothric's magic and the effects of the miracle Divine Pillars of Light. Killing one wyvern will make them both die. While his magic makes for a challenging fight when synergized with his brother, he has only three attacks and is vulnerable alone. Position yourself in the doorway (not too close though, as his attacks could still reach you). Locate him as fast as you can and instead of running sideways (it tracks, and the beam hitbox is huge and lingering, so dont) run straight at him, even without sprinting you should be able to get close enough to only need to dodge the sword and ignore the beam. This boss is just plain harsh on pureblood casters. Didn't Yusuke and his friends fight these guys in the Dark Tournament? Lothric will do 4 things. This place is a mix of Mergo's Loft and Boletarian Palace. Dark Souls 3 has a much larger focus on gothic themes than previous games. If you can get far enough from Lorian down the hall, he will just crawl on his knees towards you, giveing time for 3-5 blasts before he teleports you and you have to reset him.