New concepts, new ideas, and yet maintaining a sense of exploration. Maybe by then Nintendo will have a better eShop strategy =), Much rather have Twilight Princess but with voice acting of everyone else but Link like Metroid Prime. Maybe it’s BEEN in development. Mmask and Skyward are my least favorite, but i’ll give it another go if its updated to the big HD screen. would never happen! FUCK wii u. Urgh, Nintendo hasn’t been teasing the MM remake for Wii U. It’s ALWAYS been teased for the 3DS. What if It’s not a Majoras mask remake there teasing but Zelda U is a Majora’s mask squeal? I also replied with the single response of innocence and immediately got an answer that they verified it was in violation., Majora’s Mask belongs on the 3DS with Ocarina of Time. Why indeed? I believe this has been in development since some time after OOT3D and they will probably release it summer/fall 2014 in wait for Zelda Wii U. I wouldn’t pass either, I just want a new Zelda and the system needs it. Being cheeky, I guessed a high number in the thousands, something impossible given the question. Were people in suits checking protocol, talking to bosses, telling their wives they might have to stay late? I never beat the original because of issues with the three day re-start and lack of save points, but I would love to give it another shot. Work on a new game? This would make me stop bashing the Wii U. This is your problem right now, this will only appeal to the most hard core of Nintendo fans leaving everyone else out. I hope its a HD remake and not a 3D remake because even though I loved the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask was my favorite zelda game of all time so I’d like to see it in HD. And secondly, an HD remake of MM would be a megaton harder than the one they did for WW, and I already don’t like how they wasted their time remaking that one. Just to recap here: The moderator asked a question that called for a number. Get a job in computer programming. Please Please Please bring this to WiiU Nintendo and make a Majora themed console So I can buy it. I would buy it day one. We’ve already had Majora’s Mask on THREE home consoles. Ever since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U last year, many fans have been clamoring for an HD remake of Majora’s Mask. It’s just a better move to put it on the 3DS and maybe make some kind of port of it and put that on the Wii U kinda like Monster Hunter 3. He finally came back on the line just to tell me that he was really sorry that I had to wait so long, and that I would just have to wait a bit longer. Happy Anniversary everyone it’s been 15 years since SSB first released! A few weeks ago I was watching a television show with the Wii U Gamepad on Tvii. Earlier this week I said that Nintendo’s eshop needed improvements. Admit, you walked right in to that one B.O. WindWaker grew on me, so I suppose it’s possible for MM too. However, other companies don’t often make it into a huge bundle with new graphics on the gamepad and make a big fuss about it like Nintendo. Majora’s Mask is my favourite game. But with the announcement of Hyrule Warriors, it should be away from the Wii U. i want no remake! If you can get to phd level in maths, chemistry or physics, you’ll be able to get most jobs in existence, especially programming. Are there any other Majora’s Mask references that we missed?”, Shikata: “[Having Majora’s Mask in Link’s house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. I need this. The PREQUEL to Majora’s Mask- Ocarina of Time was remade on the 3DS. A void full of embarassment! He put me on hold for several minutes, for what I can’t imagine. This author needs to seriously stop writing. I just hope they take that stupid Day count off there otherwise for me the game will be trash. I’m stuck on what degree I should major in and I’ve been switching so much. -I read a rumour (deemed as bullshit in the NeoGAF forums, all must be said), that the new Zelda WiiU is darker in tone and has a feeling like a spiritual successor to the WiiU. Yes, absolutely. I’d love to see the mask mechanics return in an all new Zelda game. I would prolly give this one another shot. If they update it for the system rhat NEEDS the help, i will support (even though the original irritated me to no end with its time limits always keeping me under the no-fun-gun).