Thanks a lot for your very knowledgeable reviews and the information that you impart to us novices - keep 'em coming. Got one of the Makala Shark models, identical with the Dolphin but for bridge shape and paint (Shark is not glossy). Cheers. I can't figure the difference. Playing gigs or on beach etc I play my dolphin more than my flea! just ordered mine. I was hoping to get it for my birthday, but unfortunately it is not in stock at the moment ):I wanted the blue one!! The dolphins are stunning. I think they are same sort of quality - though dont think the MKS is plastic backed - for me, the plastic adds to the appeal. It's a feeding frenzy! Hope your wrist gets better soon. oh were just dropping off to sleep after 12 hour night shift when the post man arrived. Kala makes a nearly identical ukulele called the Shark. This is a great ukulele for beginners or even more experienced players - beautiful, pleasing to the ear and very portable! im a cctv operator. the white makala sounds a lot better and does not buzz. I'd like to buy one but the Wantage shop if out of stock.Wonder if there is another shop ?Would like for my 60th birthday on 17th March -- if possLaurence Roberts. On top of the included set up and string upgrade and it's on sale. Also ... and I hear this is typical ... pleasant and easy to play. Have you tried the latter before, because I was really hoping you could give some advice please, if possible! Hi! Your donations all go back into the site to allow me to keep bringing you reviews, and in the end the ukuleles acquired are given to local schools and charities. Sold and set up by Uke Republic in USA. I got a white one and a black one. So looking forward to learning to play. The Dolphin comes in an assortment of colors with a classic look that sounds great. Compared to the Dolphin in your blog, this one has the dolphin bridge created from a lighter wood, and it no longer has decoration surrounding the soundhole. Put on Martin M600s and after a week or two of settling in and stretching, like them a lot better. The Makala Shark is the exact same price online, so I guess it just boils down to which kind of sea life you prefer! Good review Baz! We use Aquila Nylgut and LaBella Pro-Series No.200COLORS (check drop down menu for in-stock colors): Great White Mako Blue Surf Green Shell Pink Coral Yellow Red Sea Click the logo to help. These Sharks are an affordable way to get \"your feet wet\" with ukuleles. Retail without set up and string up grade is $62.99SPECS: 13-11/16\" Soprano Scale 21\" Overall body length 9-3/8\" Body length 5-1/4\" Upper Bout 7\" Lower Bout 4-1/2\" Waist 2-3/8\" Body depth Injection Molded body Agathis Wood Top Fret position Marks at 5th, 7th and 10th frets on neck and top of fingerboard 12 Brass Frets Rosewood Fingerboard Custom Bridge Mahogany neck Geared tuners Satin Vintage Finish Makala nylon carry bag*SETUP INCLUDED @ no charge ($30.00 plus value) Aquila or LaBella Pro-Series strings included in set up, adjust action as required, polish frets, oil fingerboard New strings installed. Hi, thank you for responding on my comment yesterday. This is a soprano scale uke, and to best of my knowledge aquila concerts are simply longer. My 6yo daughter has one in pink and it sounds great, especially if you're looking for the typical bright uke sound.Was a serious bargain and I enjoy playing it (when she isn't!). Put on Martin M600s and after a week or two of settling in and stretching, like them a lot better. Yes, I agree with the post above.Do you know the next time they will be in stock? I prefer Martin fluorocarbons on mine, but this is a matter of preference.Some of mine have ribbing bracing on the interior, some do not. I believe so - just a different shaped bridge. And talk about the other end of the market I've also ordered a concert uke from one of your other review subjects - D J Morgan up in the Midlands, should be finished the end of August. I recently bought a red Makala Dolphin as a total newbie to playing the ukulele! And it sounds great too. Thanx for all the advice Barry, you certainly know your stuff.richard. The black one also has paint falling off and the fretboard looks ugly. Actually sounds pretty good for a USD 50 instrument. It is indeed sunshine with strings - and I'm still playing on the original set of strings even though I bought of set of Aquilla to put on it. it blows them out of the water and i havnt changed the strings to the aquillas for the service i recived from ukelele hut that was also first class. Got one of the Makala Shark models, identical with the Dolphin but for bridge shape and paint (Shark is not glossy). Still not real bright (I like … I really thought about a Flea, but the Makala was a lot cheaper. Would Aquila concert strings sound better than Soprano strings on this? It came with the good strings (Aquila) attached already and as an instrument I like the sound. im like a kid with a new toy which is a great feeling at 45. Two great extremes! Back in 2011 I bought my first truly serious ukulele - the Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. I'm not sure which came first, and I don't know when they changed from wood body to plastic - would love to know these tidbits, as well as how to date them (someone said there was a code in the serial number indicating month and year, but that doesn't work - I have an old brown Dolphin numbered 28. If you want aquilas for a dolphin, get sopranos. Makala MK-SS Shark Soprano Ukulele. I didn’t bold it because I tend to recommend people spend a bit more, even on their first uke. The only difference between the two ukes is that the Dolphin has a dolphin-shaped bridge while the Shark has a shark-shaped bridge. Where did you buy it? well its an honest job and great for a nosey parker. Our discussion helped me pick out a blue Dolphin. I simply love my little uke! I know that sometime in mid to late 2016 Makala began shipping them with Aquila strings as standard. I replaced the standard black strings with the Aquillas (thanks also for the "how to change uke strings video") and it sounds brilliant even in my total novice hands. Does it hold up well in humidity/temperature changes and potential dirt or would a waterman be better choice for this purpose? The NEW Makala Shark colors have inspiration from the classic 1950's cars. It arrived very quickly and when I opened the box I had to smile ..... this little uke is like sunshine with strings ! Does that mean that if I got this and liked playing, I would outgrow it too quickly? and yes it was my black sparkly dolphin. My sister and I are new to ukulele madness (inspired by our BIL). I bought two Kala Makala Ukulele's from Amazon. Available in a soprano model. The black one sounds like my Kohala which I started with but the white one sounds awesome. I like your review. he told me they have been extremely to practice when im cleaning windows which will get changed to when im watching cameras. I'm not as crazy about the Sharks - the pectoral fin is very sharp and scratched me. The black one is no better than what I had. (:I'm a beginner looking into getting an ukulele, and after research I've decided upon the Makala Dolphina and the Makala Sporano (MK-S). Waterman is more of a novelty / experiment / tribute to Maccaferri - but not a patch on a Dolphin as a musical instrument. Give Highly Strung a call - they are supremely helpful - if they cant get one, they wont promise you one then let you down - great store. As you said, everything about the ukulele is spot on, intonation, tuning etc. In other Q and A's and Youtube comments you have recommended this as a good beginner uke, and yet this is not one of your bold-type choices. The Makala line features an array of ukulele with a vintage look at an entry-level price. They easy outpace most of my ukes, including several that cost 4 times as much. Richard - the wooden ones do sound a little different, but are still way way above the competition at the same price.That said, i have found dealers dont have a clue whether they are plastic or not - you can tell when it arrives - look in soundhole - its kind of a creamy mushroom sandy colour if its plastic.