0 Martin LX1 Acoustic Guitar Review. It is perfect for traveling, practicing and learning. The Little Martin LX1E has a list price of $519 and a street price of $399, which includes the nice gig bag and a one-year warranty. Also known as 'The Little or Mini Martin', The Martin LX1E Electro Acoustic is easily the best selling small axe we've ever had in. Our Verdict. Martin LX1 Acoustic Guitar Review. Martin LX1 – Little Martin. This is a hundred bucks more than the model without a pickup, but I think the extra expense is worth it. by stringofsoul May 10, 2020 May 11, 2020. The small guitars which are Martin is famous for that warm bottom end that is found on this guitar. Martin LX1E Little Martin Review. Due to Ed's phenomenal success it hasn't been difficult to eclipse the competition. The LX1E features a Fishman mic system, enabling sound amplification. As most of the highly-experienced guitar players would recommend, a guitar should be both beautiful and able to provide a good sound quality. Now, this is where Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar comes in quite convenient. No surprises there. If it is the Martin LXM vs LX1, then you’ll realize that the LX1 is made fully from wood. Ed Sheeran's Lil' Martin is the perfect guitar to bring out the inner troubadour in us all. Shares. Other nice features are the Richlite Bridge, a compensated saddle and a Tusq nut. And the LX1 is the line’s flagship instrument which also comes in acoustic-electric and Ed Sheeran signature variants. Martin LX1E Little Martin Review. This is the detailed taking on a Beginners Best Guitar. Usually, parlor guitars have smaller and boxy sound. Pros Solid build and neat finish. So we’ll do the Martin LXM vs. LX1 review for you. But this guitar, in particular, has a big tone. The LX1 comes with Martin’s standard Martin SP strings. This guitars popularity sky rocketed with players when Ed Sheeran broke onto the scene. Impressive electro performance. Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran review Chart champion gets a signature model £499; €605; $599; By Dave Burrluck 24 December 2013. Superb on all counts. ... Martin’s LX series is the smallest size of guitar that the company offers. Usually, parlor guitars have smaller and boxy sound. Let’s see what Little Martin has to offer. Martin LX1E Acoustic Guitar Review. The LX1 has sealed chrome tuners that will ensure that your guitar is easy to tune and stays in tune. The Martin LX1E features a parlor type body, which makes it unique.