I had a chance to sit down with Jini Patel to discuss the elemental diet and her experience working with people around the world to heal their guts naturally. Researchers are commonly finding methane SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) ... Health Clinic, both IMO and SIBO can lead to belching, bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, anxiety, fatigue, unexplained weight gain and gas. I have SIBO and I’m getting ready to start treatment. The second time I tested, it was Methane dominant. I am waiting on the Xifaxin to come in and plan on adhering to a no-fodmap diet (it is not a big change from my current diet because most … The next time I tested, I barely produced any Hydrogen … Thankfully i recieved this and began taking 3 days ago. Pros and Cons of the Elemental Diet. Two years ago, around the time my problems began, I also started packing on pounds despite my eating habits being no different than before. If you are gaining weight while consuming a diet that should lead to weight loss that is usually more of a thyroid issue than an SIBO issue. I have in all honesty not felt any better, my tummy did seem to calm down but after eating something off my list I was back to square one. I was diagnosed with methane sibo/candida/ and adrenal fatigue. Increase weight gain after 1 year in patients on a semi-elemental diet as compared to a full elemental diet; Royall et al. Hydrogen and Methane SIBO. Usually if SIBO is very severe (often more severe than what you generally see in IBSers) then you do see weight loss as the bacteria get the calories before you do. The most common differentiator between IMO and SIBO is that IMO causes constipation while SIBO causes diarrhea. To no surprise, someone with SIBO will experience abdominal discomfort, signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiency (ie anemia) poor absorption of the food and food intolerances, bloating, heartburn and constipation (SIBO-C), weight changes (weight gain with SIBO-C is common), malnutrition, rashes (ie eczema, rosacea), joint pain. Expert Advice Using The Elemental Diet. There are two versions of SIBO (actually THREE – see this): Hydrogen dominant, and Methane dominant. I have been on low fodmaps as well as a restrictive diet for 2 months. Weight changes in SIBO come in two varieties: Weight gain (generally due to hormonal changes as a consequence of systemic inflammation) ... After begging my GI doc to test me for SIBO, I have been diagnosed with both hydrogen and methane SIBO. The first time I tested, I had Hydrogen and very little Methane (which I still think was inaccurate based on my past, symptoms and characteristics). 1 year ago.