The following conversion tables will enable you to find the equivalent color number, compared to other companies threads color. Mercerization. The natural fiber is gentle on the skin, feels soft, smooth and silk-like. Mettler Sewing Thread Color Card, dmc threads, skeins, anchor threads, kreinik, mill hill beads, kits, ... DMC Articles Conversion DMC-Colbert Wool Convers. Thread Colors Conversion Tables. Besides the thread conversion charts, machine embroidery thread color charts can be helpful in making a color selection. * Exact match not available. Threads and colours that set the imagination free We try to fulfill the highest creative demands of our customers with our broad and deep product range of high quality yarn. 9104: DOWNLOAD: Purchase HERE: Mettler Silk Finish Conversion Chart Art. 135 to Art. Mettler Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread Conversion Chart. Colors shown are general approximations only. 9135 (Includes Art. 2136) DOWNLOAD: Purchase HERE: Mettler Metrosene Poly. Online Embroidery Thread Charts and Conversion Home About Links. Neon Colors do not accurately reproduce via standard printing process. 9105: Page 1 | Page 2: Purchase HERE: Mettler 100% Cotton Conversion Chart Art. To ensure accuracy, sew a test piece first. Here is a link to download the pdf of the new and improved Gütermann Thread Color Number Conversion Charts. ... Color #0015 Mettler Poly Sheen White: Color #0017 Mettler Poly Sheen Paper White: Color #0020 Mettler Poly Sheen Black: Color #0101 Mettler Poly Sheen Eggshell: Color … 136 to Art. Immerse yourself in our creative world and learn more about us and our products. DMC 35 New Colors Mouline Etoile ... Mettler Sewing Thread Color Card (Chart) - List of colors. Conversion comparisons are provided for GENERAL REFERENCE purposes only. Color Chart Art. Mettler Silk Finish Conversion Chart Art. For a print copy of all 220 of our machine embroidery thread colors with color number and color swatch, please click on the following link: ThreadArt Embroidery Thread Color Chart For a print copy of all our machine embroidery thread colors with color number and color swatch converted to both RGB color values and Panto 104 to Art. 105 to Art. Pure cotton thread made of 100% long staple, Egyptian cotton with the soft sheen of natural cotton. Email us for prices and general information When I compared the retail thread spools that I have to the thread chart, it looks like not all of the colors are exact matches, and thread color varies a bit between dye lots, so keep that in mind, but it should get you close to the right color. Click here to check our thread Products Catalogue. SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 passes through a mercerization process which makes the thread very strong, heat resistant and has reduced shrinkage. OESD, Inc. is not responsible for oversights, errors, or omissions. Be sure to pin or bookmark this page so you will be able to find the machine embroidery thread conversion charts when you need them. Another interesting page is our Machine Embroidery Thread Tips and Calculators page.