However, Black Friday is a good time to check to see if you can snag a discount on either the services you already pay for or those you’ve had your eye on. IKEA is filling an important feature gap in its smart home system. That’s a more sizeable upfront saving than the last time Wellbots discounted the... Apple’s had a busy couple of months recently: with three virtual events and a number of new products released (including new Macs with Apple-developed chips), the company has a number of gadget you might be looking for deals on this Black Friday. Leading Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Cloud partner AvePoint is set to go public with a SPAC deal announced Monday.. Wireless chargers are available almost everywhere now. At this point they’re long overdue for an upgrade, so a team of researchers have created what could be the next-generation of selfies: easy to capture 3D models of yourself dubbed nerfies that let others see what’s happening all around you. World Update II: USA for Microsoft Flight Simulator now available for free; Achieving 100 percent renewable energy with 24/7 monitoring in Microsoft Sweden A Windows 10 update issue? And Belkin has tried to make it a little less awkward. If you’re pining for OnePlus’ early days, when you could buy a reasonably speedy phone for the price of a budget model, we have good news — though you’ll need to act quickly. If you’ve become overwhelmed with the number of subscription services there are now, you’re not alone. I adore its simplicity. It's a cuboid: 12 inches tall, six inches deep, and six inches wide, all right angles and fine matte black plastic. News and views about Microsoft's latest developments including Windows, Office, Xbox, Surface, and more. Find coverage of the latest technology trends & headlines and science breakthroughs & discoveries at MSN News. In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said: “Productivity score is an opt-in experience that gives IT administrators insights about technology and infrastructure usage. That’s half off its usual cost, and lower even than the $399 we saw in September. Wellbots is offering a special discount on the Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max only for Engadget readers. If you’re looking for a way to expand your mobility options through the pandemic, look no further. What is Microsoft News? TECHSPOT : Tech Enthusiasts, Power Users, Gamers, TechSpot is a registered trademark. You can quickly dim the lights and silence your Symfonisk speakers when you’re getting ready for bed, for instance. © 2020 TechSpot, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Latest News. Microsoft News delivers high-quality news from the world’s most popular and trusted publishers, across web and mobile experiences for Microsoft as well as a growing number of syndication partners. Ever since cameras first existed people have been pointing the lens at themselves to snap so-called selfies—a term first coined back in 2002. Microsoft wants a better foothold in the Asian market, Microsoft's Xbox Series X and Series S launch November 10, Control Panel's 'System' menu now redirects to Settings, Environments load before the loading screen, A Redditor made the discovery after receiving his console early, Microsoft confirmed the service 'will be waiting for you when you boot your new Xbox console', 148 out of 161 countries prefer the PlayStation 5, say search analysts, The Xbox was first pitched as a Windows console, You can even shut them down, if you'd like, Head of Xbox says console tribalism is "one of the worst things in the industry", Microsoft Flight Simulator update adds more detail to US landmarks, Google extends Chrome support for Windows 7 by six months, Edge gets its own slew of malicious add-ons under the names of legitimate services, Microsoft Teams now offers free "all day" video and voice calling, Microsoft partners with Intel, AMD, Qualcomm on Pluton processor, Microsoft warns Xbox Series X/S supply issues will last until at least April 2021, Xbox CFO says Bethesda's future games won't be exclusives, but they will play 'best' on the Xbox, Xbox chief: Microsoft will 'absolutely' continue purchasing studios following Bethesda acquisition, Microsoft is showing Windows 10 users full-screen ads for its Edge browser, Microsoft exec advises users to switch away from SMS-based two-factor authentication, SSD issues are preventing some from receiving the Windows 10 20H2 update, Smoking Xbox Series X videos are fake; Microsoft warns not to blow vape smoke into its consoles, Halo 4 is coming to PC on November 17 as part of the Master Chief Collection, Microsoft is reportedly looking to buy Japanese game developers, Xbox Series X | S review roundup: Microsoft's vision for next-gen console gaming, Microsoft is beginning to replace Control Panel with Windows 10's Settings app, The Xbox Series X's SSD is so fast that it breaks The Witcher 3's loading screens, The Xbox Series S might only have 364GB of space for app and game downloads, AppleTV+ will be available on all current- and next-generation consoles, World map of PS5 and XBSX demand shows Sony coming out on top worldwide, Xbox creator Seamus Blackley says he 'hoodwinked' Bill Gates to develop the original Xbox, Microsoft's Game Bar overlay software for Windows 10 now lets you view resource-hungry tasks in-game. msn back to msn home news technology powered by Microsoft News Even more eye candy By Shawn Knight , November 24, 2020, 3:37 PM Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise. The Supreme Court ruling against New York state's decision to limit religious gatherings in a few high-incidence parts of New York City during the Covid-19 pandemic will cause grave danger in the rest of the country, where public health authorities will feel hamstrung to restrict religious gatherings even when the virus is spreading out of control, writes Jeffrey Sachs. Phil Spencer says it could drive him out of the business, Windows 7 will support the browser until at least 2022, Windows 1.0 shipped on November 20th, 1985, All you need is a personal Microsoft account, Bethesda titles may arrive sooner and play better on Xbox, Bethesda wasn't enough to sate Xbox's appetite, It's like the Windows 10 upgrade nags all over again, Consider a secure app-based solution instead.