Many times. This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 15:39. An animated gilled blob is on-screen waving a gun. Surfaces feel hot to the touch, hidden machinery clanks and whirrs. Even the primary terminal is corroding at my finger-tips. A component blueprint will be awarded after solving the puzzle at the terminal inside the main building. Estranged from their consort, their hundred surviving spawn no longer wishing to speak to them, the SalesGek had one final meal before their death, crashing their ship into the side of a nearby ridge. Old honourable warrior retires! The terminal blinks a warning: Warning! Unexpected biological blockage detected. The log shows records of troubled Korvax minds, those disturbed by their actions; those haunted by sorrow; those who might threaten the minds they encountered. I can select the final destination, or I can select one of points at which a ship has disappeared. I can only make out a few words. Collection ship imminent! The terminal awaits input. My entry has allowed atmospheric radiation to breach sensitive systems. The message seems to ask for witnesses, and there's some form of reward for replies... A mass-mailed corporate message sits unread on the terminal. Production low! To be strong was to be righteous. The flashing lights and loud siren appear to relate to the facility's nuclear power core. I can make out a few words, but the rest is lost in static. Security scan initializing! The terminal allows me no further access. Experiment containment failure. Security breach! Convergence sends specialists ship technology! The facility acted as a central upload point for Korvax scans from a thousand worlds, collating their data in an attempt to understand the underlying mechanics of the universe. Complete trade mission, or investigate disappearance? A message blinks, ready to send. The factory produces components for starships, fabricating them using the resources available on this world. The facility's machinery lies still, halted by the emergency shutdown. Secure Sites/Puzzles is an information page. Covertly, however, the craft has been heavily modified – and also carries a phalanx of warriors carrying enhanced Multi-Tool technology. Death! The Korvax in this installation quarantined themselves from the rest of their species, believing that a violent impulse was emerging within the group. There was a coup in this place. Eheu Entity! High temperature! Enemy respiration!! Death! Low fuel! Static covers most of the screen, obscuring nearly all relevant information. Intruder alert! One log speaks of the first Vy'keen contact with a Traveller. Discuss data with Korvax Convergence immediately! My entry has allowed atmospheric toxins to breach sensitive systems. I should be able to alter production to my own benefit. Replies can be sent with units attached... An image of a distant solar system is being studied here. The facility acted as a local base for raiding parties against the system's Sentinels. Three columns of words endlessly scroll on-screen, each in a strange alphabet. Industrial manufacture of a complex product is underway. It's dampening some unknown form of communication, and clearly seen as a vital and necessary operation by the traders that operate here. First spawn monolith awake! Today child experiences Vy'keen war ceremony! Many of these realities have faded, gone as if they had never been. Even if one's whole species can unify at will with a single great mind, still, there is unique value in face-to-face communication. Glass and blood! The words can be traced back to the previous user's workflow, which is how I can get it back online. It is full of high numbers and seemingly impressive profit margins. The factory is unlike the other Korvax facilities I have seen.