In this blog, we’ll give you some of the common project manager interview questions that you can expect to see, if you are applying for the role of project manager, and provide you with sample responses to both behavioural and scenario … I would look at the project … This guy has the charter to deal with a Project’s resources and ultimately is responsible for … Fair enough. Are there anyinfluential management methodologies or gurus … The Interview Guys show you how to prepare for a situational interview. If you want to be the top candidate for a project manager job, make sure you can answer questions about your technical competence, business methodology, interpersonal skills, and behavior in the job interview. Most project management job interviews start … Below are the top 30 project management interview questions and sample answers to help you with this preparation: 1. Project manager scenarios 1. Interview Questions for a Project Manager. The best project managers are like axles: They smoothly link management, clients and staff to keep projects rolling along. Some project managers are going to think you want a person who is wholly independent and pulls from an inner-reservoir. Tell us about yourself. As a project manager you are ultimately responsible for delivering the project on time and to budget. But more resourceful is the project manager … This is one of the top positions in any given project. This is an telling project manager interview question. Project Manager Interview Questions* As a manager, what are your guiding principles and values? ... if I have no idea what the scenario presented by the hiring manager is going to look like, there’s no way that I can prepare for this type of question.