A maple neck adds brightness, while the SP 85/15 humbuckers help smooth out this SE Custom 22's overall tone. Gear • Reviews • Review Demo • Gear Award 2020 • PRS • Guitars • Hollowbody • Humbucker-equipped • March 2020 PRS SE Hollowbody Standard: The Premier Guitar Review. I own several American made Fenders and Gibsons and this guitar is amazing for the money. zZounds.com. PRS is marking its 30th birthday with a bewildering number of new models. A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on Also own PRS 245, Strat American Special, Tele Nashville, Les Paul Studio, Rock, Blues, Texas Blues. While the two guitars are close in spec, the solidbody version features a pair of Tone Furnace humbuckers from the SE Marty Freidman, while the Semi-Hollow features the more traditional 'original spec' 'buckers. This guitar arrived today about three hours ago and I’m still looking for something not to love about it. I have 6's 7's and 8's and this is one of my favorite guitars to play.The work into PRS's is second to none. I've been enjoying my SE Custom 22 semi hollow for a month now, totally in love with it. Fantastic balance of value and performance. This guitar is amazing. The fret ends are flawlessly dressed and the board is perfectly straight! The coil tap sound is terrific, puts the taps on some more expensive guitars to shame. PRS Guitars: Paul Reed Smith Electric Guitars: 6-String. It was like a dream come true. The wonderful people at Paul Reed Smith created the PRS SE Custom 22 (and 24) to bring the PRS Custom look and feel to the hands of guitarists on a tighter budget. All rights reserved. Buy one before they're gone. By Chris Gill 14 August 2019. An affordable masterpiece? That said, switching to the neck pickup on either guitars offers a similar voice - classic, vocal, and really emotive for solos. The SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow features mahogany back, sides, and neck, with a maple top and flame maple veneer, a 25” scale length rosewood fretboard, tremolo bridge, and 85/15 ’S’ humbuckers At the comfortable price point of $749, does the PRS SE Custom 22 hold up to the PRS name? "Great sounding and versatile guitar". I collect and own 10 electric guitars and two acoustics. It's a great axe for classic rock and blues: raunchy but not over spiky in tone or output, with musical harmonic feedback aplenty if you kick in a level boost from your pedalboard. £799.00 (3) PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in Scarlet Red. Unlike that guitar, however, the top here is contoured. The Custom 22 has a slightly more classic vibe, your left-hand doesn't have to reach as far and, importantly, the shorter neck is also stiffer. December 22, 2016. Today out of curiosity I got hold of a USA made S2 custom 22 semi hollow to compare. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. And the PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow version is no exception. There's a beautiful light weight, generous ring and sustain, and a classic tonality that has slightly more midrange colour than you get from the solidbody version. Arrived quickly in perfect shape. If you call our customer service department for assistance, this number makes it easier Smoothe action with no spring or nut noise whatsoever. If you think PRS's SE guitars are just poor man's versions of the USA models then, not for the first time, you might have to reconsider. First off I have to say I love this guitar. The Custom arrived in 1985 as a 24-fret guitar, and a 22-fret version finally followed in 1993. They didn't sell it to me as blemished and I paid more even after my partial refund than I would have for a blemished unit they have on sale now. I wish I could afford an American made, but this import is sick and doesn’t disappoint. "There's a beautiful light weight, generous ring and sustain.". Played perfectly out of the box, no setup required. The pictures do not do justice to the contrast of the Matteo Blue veneer top against wood grain body, absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful range of sounds and great playability. This is also my first guitar with a push/pull tone knob, and aside from the additional bit of hum (which is natural) from the single coil option, this is a cool feature. "Sounds and plays as great as it looks". I think you’ll also be impressed. I expected some sloppiness with the craftsmanship but it was better than many of my American models. Everything was exceptional. The SE Custom Semi-Hollow has the same basic appointments as the SE Custom - mahogany back, maple top, 22-fret wide-fat mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and SE humbucking pickups. Very disappointed considering how much I've ordered in the last 5 months.Back to the guitar, the pickups are exactly as described, clean or dirty they're crystal clear. With classic rock and blues tones in abundance, easy modding and upgrading options, and good playability, this guitar is ready to gig. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The finish was perfect on all edges, the fretwork is perfect, completely smooth edges. Then, I started playing it and the sustain was fantastic. Not something I’m used to seeing on an import guitar. Great sounding guitar, clear and bright not muddy. PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow (natural color) Made in Korea 22 Frets Stop Bar, 2 Humbuckers PRS, a micro switch (3 positions) Set neck, rosewood fingerboard. Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? Dozens of great PRS events around the world, countless relationships with new artists, and a big list of new product releases to help you find your musical voice. Delivering an impressive balance of brilliance, clarity, body and breadth, the PRS CE 24 Semi-Hollow is an incredibly responsive and dynamic electric . Buckle up and take this rare bird for a ride. MGR/Billy's review "PRS SE Custom Semi Hollow" 5. Stayed in tune like a locking system. Perfect right out of the box..The 85/15 s pickups are exceptional. 0:00 – DC30 preset, set to edge of breakup, bridge pickup. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the looks are stunning. The body is light and thin; nonetheless, you can feel the quality and how solid the guitar is. Enjoy! The tremolo arm being a push in style kinda scared me a little... until the first time I used it! The affordable SE range is seeing plenty of these - including an SE edition of the Custom 22, and Semi-Hollow version, which is what we're looking at today. I’ve been a bedroom player since I was 18. The neck feels wider//flatter and has a different feel than say a Fender Strat or a Schecter C-1, but still feels really good and is extremely playable. I can't believe PRS added a trem and coil tap to what was already a great guitar. I received this guitar on Friday, and put it through the paces all weekend. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. It's extremely limited, so if you are on the fence, grab one. Review: PRS Guitars' CE 24 Semi-Hollow balances the fierce and familiar. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Add that binding and that quilt veneer...BAM!! Visit our corporate site. The … The pickups are extremely articulate and well rounded with great coil tap tones! 2016, what a year! As a 55 yr old player I'm amazed at the quality of these imports. This will look much nicer than the clear knobs anyway.The action was a bit high, one small turn of the truss has me now at .009 at the 8th fret. The action and intonation are spot on, it’s lightweight, resonant, and balanced. (We actually did a review on the 24-fret “Floyd” model a while back!) Well done guys! Why the fuss? 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