It’s a full-size long-arm quilting machine that comes with a frame so that you can hang your entire … Reviews. The main reason why I … Videos . CHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON . Click for Price . The Q’nique is our premium recommendation for quilters looking for a model to stand at. The Q'nique 21 features a powerful motor, delivering up to 1,800 stitches–per–minute. Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Long Arm Quilting Machine Reviews. Grace Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machine Reviews; Grace Q’nique . The Q'nique … Welcome to this review of the Grace Qnique 14+ Sit Down longarm sewing machine! It also includes built–in stitch regulation (a high–end feature normally found only on more expensive long–arm quilting machines). Coming in at around £4250 in the UK, this machine is affordable. Coming soon. Here are some samples of my quilting done with the Q'nique … Note: The Grace Qnique 14+ was recently renamed the 15R, but it's the exact same machine. £10,000 for a long arm was NEVER going to be an option for me unless I won the lottery. Amazon Reviews. Related Product Reviews: JUKI TL-2000Q Long Arm Quilting Machine Reviews. It’s just perfect for sewing extensive patterns. The Grace Q’nique longarm quilting machine is a budget-friendly and feature-rich model with 14 inches of throat space. I've been quilting on this machine since January 2017 and I'm finally ready to share a full review of this longarm sewing machine. I am truly happy with the Q'nique and would recommend it to anyone. Our Reviews.