IELTS Writing task 2 sample with answer – Festival. IELTS Game September 5, 2020 IELTS Writing, Task 2 Leave a Comment. It’s an interesting and important area to focus on because there is a very good chance that you will have to talk or write about government (and housing) at some point on IELTS. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits of this approach and provide a suitable conclusion. The links below have model answers for the most frequently asked types of IELTS task 2 writing questions. In this post we look at the problem/solution essay. More IELTS Writing Task 2 Lessons. Posted December 31, 2018 June 1, 2020 admin. In this essay you must consider the causes of a … This is an IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer from the real IELTS exam about government, a topic that comes up all over the test. Writing Task 2 Model Essay: The government and citizens of a country sometimes have contrasting views about how their country’s progress should be measured. While I agree that economic progress is essential, I believe that other forms of progress are just as important.. IELTS Writing Task 2 Band 9 Model Answers. IELTS Writing: Task 2 essay analysis with model answer Writing task 2 essay analysis Being the most challenging language skill to master, writing … You need to write at least 250 words and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples, problem outlining, proposing possible solutions and supporting your position. This is an IELTS Cambridge 14 Sample Answer for task 2 writing from a real past past on the topic of work and self-employment. IELTS Writing task 2 sample with answer – Festival. IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Globalization has ushered an era of consumerism and that inevitably became part and parcel of people’s everyday life. There are three key reasons why economic growth is considered by governments around … If you want to get over your IELTS fears and achieve your dreams (of going abroad or getting a better job), I now offer online lessons complete with feedback, videos, workbooks and more – you can learn more here! You will have approximately 40 minutes to finish your Essay Writing. The topic of social media is common and this IELTS essay question was reported in the IELTS test. Check the model essay and then read the comments. However, I completely disagree with this opinion for two reasons. We have compiled a list of helpful vocabulary you might want to incorporate to your own. There is an argument that exploring space is a waste of money and that there are more urgent needs to be addressed on earth, such as reducing poverty and preventing environmental destruction. For IELTS writing task 2, you must produce an essay of no less than 250 words. Vocabulary for IELTS writing task 2 band 8 Achieving a band 8 score in the IELTS is not impossible, it just needs preparation and a variation of vocabulary to help showcase your English skills. The IELTS writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score 9. IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answers. IELTS Writing Task 2 carries more weights than Writing Task 1. Most people have forgotten the meaning behind traditional or religious festivals; IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer.