They are easily changed simply by pulling out the fuse or breaker, and removing the plastic shield which is fixed with a single screw. The current rating of the fuse holder 30 and fusing factor of 1.75; fuse will break in 30 1,75 = 52.5 A. These are self-resetting fuses. Cartridge fuse. Resettable fuse. This is the most common type of all. 3. current rating of the fuse, 20-a, fusing factor 1,25; fuse will rupture 20 x 1.25 = 25. Probably the most common on older installations, these contain a small ceramic holder through which fusewire is threaded. Three types of devices can be fitted to these fuseboxes. Two of the most commons are slow-blow fuses and fast-blow fuses. A fuse consists of a replaceable part (the fuselink) and a fuse holder. Typesof Fuse & Circuit Breaker: In general, the fuse is classified based on voltage supply such as low voltage and high voltage.The list of types of fuse-Cartridge fuse; Rewirable or Kitkat fuse; Explosion fuse; These are different types of fuses are used with different prospective. There are many cartridge fuse variants. Therefore, it should be understood that the fuse is designed for the amount of current, it … Rewirable Porcelain Kit Kat Fuse With an experience of many years, we are catering to the wide requirements of our clients by providing a vast range of Rewirable Kit-Kat Fuse.The offered fuse is broadly demanded to protect electrical equipment and wiring systems. The fuse element is inside a glass envelope, which makes it easy to determine if it has been blown from overload or overcurrent. Examples of fuse holders are shown in Fig. 1.The simplest fuselink is a length of wire.It is mounted by screw connections in a holder which partly encloses it. Rewirable fuses.