I've also gotten excellent results on 5 string resonator banjo, mouth harp, flute & recorder too. I find it to be so much smoother than my 3 Unidyne 57's when it comes to electric guitar. Kennt ihr unsere Video-Reportagen von der Musikmesse Frankfurt? Deren Off-Axis liegt laut Diagramm bei 120°, in den technischen Daten wird von 130° gesprochen. Perhaps why I don't find it to shine on vox. Coupled with its 5 position high pass filter and brilliance switch, the 441 is one of the strongest choices for close miking percussion; not only does it sound great, but bleed is minimized compared to many other choices out there. However, drums are just the beginning of the 441's usefulness--it has served as Stevie Nicks' main vocal microphone for decades (stage and studio), it sounds awesome on guitar cabs, bass cabs... pretty much anywhere. Heck, they even sound incredible on ride cymbals and high hats. In the past I have used two 441 even for organ recordings. Sennheiser MD 441 U Studiomikrofon Das MD 441 U ist ein hochwertiges Mikrofon, dessen akustische Eigenschaften denen der Kondensatormikrofone nahezu entsprechen. He tried to buy it from me for twice the price I paid but I said no way. The Sennheiser MD 441U keeps a legend a live. I didn't have more than one so I paired it with an M88TG to cover the other tom, that mic sounded great too. I really appreciate the build quality of this mic. The coloration off axis is - contrary to most other mics - friendly. Has sort of a retro sci fi look to it. The dynamic mics are particularly well known in professional circles – in particular the iconic MD 421 and MD 441. The Sennheiser MD 441-U is acknowledged as the most accurate and versatile dynamic mics available.It has a nearly textbook perfect super-cardioid pattern, a five-position low frequency contour switch, a two-position high frequency switch, a critically damped internal shock suspension, and a hum bucking coil. As said, it is clean enough in stock trim. I have also read on blogs that the mic sounds cleaner with all the switches removed or bypassed somehow, but have no personal experience of that. I recommend every studio to have one or two of them, although it cannot be your primary vocal or acoustic guitar/ piano microphone. The base sound of the 441 is cleaner than a lot of dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphone type super-high-end built to last. Dennoch findet es sich in jedem Shop, der etwas auf sich hält, wird in sehr vielen Studios eingesetzt und ist als Reportermikrofon beliebt und verbreitet. I do love the 441 on 15" bass cabinets straight to the cone. This microphone has a property of rarely sounding bad on anything. My bigger surprise was recording bass. I have a good number of classic microphones and the 441 is really on my top of the list, gets much more use than my ´67, ´87, TLM171, PL20 and so on. Review Sennheiser MD 441 U With very few exceptions I've rarely gone past "2", and normally have it off or use the "1" setting. It is really sensitive & doesn't require lots of gain. Diese Information vorweg: Das Sennheiser MD 441 ist teuer, vor allem für ein dynamisches Mikrofon. Granted, the 441 doesn't really accent or add to the low end, so anticipate having to boost a little down there on almost all occasions. Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio. A word of caution about the 441's 5 position filter, which I've seen a lot of people in the field tend to ignore; the first setting is pretty subtle, it'll cut off some sub-bass and rumble. Att, According to the factory, it features a shock-mounted internal capsule resulting in even signal response in close position applications. The old transparent clip was bad, but the new MZQ 441 is fine. Despite this, $899 appears to be a very fair price to have the technology they need to apply in its special construction. It's also good on kick drum, toms, snare, vocals, speech, brass and pretty much everything. .. don't forget to point the back of this mic to a drumset, a few feet away - it makes a very good room mic. Not overly bassy. Noch mehr Brillanz erhält man durch das Betätigen des gleichnamigen Schalters auf der Unterseite des Mikrofonfußes. It still sounds like a dynamic, but with a touch more clarity across the entire frequency spectrum, and tons of presence and upper mids. Not comparable to a tube mic neither a FET condenser, but just different. The 441 can work well with another, boomier mic, like a Yamaha Subkick, to great effect; it also compliments the U47FET very, very well. A MUST have for drums, this is the mic that your clients will really be wowed by. They also say it has a great feedback rejection (I couldn’t verify) and low sensitivity to handling noise (that is true). I can say it exceeded all my expectations in every moment I tried it out. It's very well built and looks great. If I had to keep just one, it would be the MD441. Amen. The usefulness of Sennheiser's design is awe inspiring. Because of its tight pattern and off-axis reject further boosting of the top end isn't a problem--cymbal/hat bleed has been minimized. When taking the 441 apart it is clearly visible that this is a very well made, high-end dynamic microphone. In the guitar it is kind of nice too. Snare It is very expensive for a dynamic mic, at retail, but a lucky shopper can sometimes find a nice used one for about half off, at which price it is a very good deal indeed. Hier könnt ihr alle Signale mit allen Mikros checken – alles komplett unbearbeitet!