When the page is saved as draft, the approval status is changed as “draft” in site pages library. Modern SharePoint news pages are integrated with Microsoft Flow, which allows you to set up an approval process. If the page content approval status is not the draft, then we do the approval for the page. The key to this is the Page Property “Promoted State”. If the PublishedDate in the SharePoint Page is not null, then we approve the page after the publishedDate has passed by setting the content approval status to “Approved”. The approval workflow is one of the features in SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013. January 8th, 2019 - Deployed to all tenants in SharePoint Online . Sometimes Power Automate does not pick up libraries or lists from the SharePoint Site. Create a new news in SharePoint Site Pages and modify PublishingDate value in the Page Details settings. Organisations are still trying to find that balance between allowing users to publish content for the rest of the organisation to consume at will or only allowing a central team or Business Unit like the Marketing Team (generalization I know :)) to control what is being published. Then we need to create an If-condition for checking the content approval status for the page. New feature in SharePoint Online is rolling out. It will open the flow options available. In the left-side navigation pane, select Action items > Approvals. After the page is approved, the page is published at the scheduled date and time. Details – Admins / Users can select multiple items, documents and Approve / Reject them together at the same time. I would expect to see that information in my version info, but I don't. This will open the starting point of the template that will enable the configuration of approval email. You can check the workflow status in the Power Automate settings.Workflow has been cancelled in the draft versions of the pages. Pre-approve a request. In this Approval workflow, Here the items and documents are stored in the list which will share between one or more people for their approval. We need to do the following steps:… I am going to show you 2 examples here. Known issues. The Flow in this article from Michelle Gilbert will show how you can use Page Approval Flow in SharePoint Online to create an approval process that post news items on your intranet and extend them to all the other communication locations your company uses including Email, Yammer, and Teams.. Goal. Sharepoint sites created with the publishing site template, however, already have content approval turned on in the Pages app. One of THE most common requests and requirements when implementing what is the centre piece of the Modern Workplace, aka “The Intranet” is. By requiring approval, organizations can apply a significant level of quality and security to its sensitive content. Select the Site Address, Library name and ID. Modify “When an item is created or modified” action and select the Site Address and the list name. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For example if you have “When an item is created or modified” action in Power Automate flow, you can select the Site Address from the drop down menu and in the list name drop down menu you can “Enter custom value” and type Site Pages to List Name. Every Modern Site has a Site Pages Library, this is the location where content pages and news pages are located. Your pending approval requests appear on the Received tab. Configure page approval. You can schedule your SharePoint News and create auto-approval using the Power Automate workflow. ( Log Out /  After that you can see the “Pending” status in the site pages library. To turn on and configure content approval, follow these steps: Navigate to your app’s Settings Page (Library Settings or List Settings) and click the Versioning Settings link. Insert and then modify the Get file properties action. One thing is still missing and that is scheduled publishing approval for news. So know these values we can use a condition in Microsoft Flow to check the value and route accordingly. You can do that by using SharePoint List content approval feature and creating approval workflow using Power Automate (previously called Microsoft Flow). You can do that by using SharePoint List content approval feature and creating approval workflow using Power Automate (previously called Microsoft Flow). Documentation: 1. In the approval process we create an another condition to check the publishing date and time. If the PublishedDate in the SharePoint Page is null, we approve the page immediately by setting the content approval status to “Approved”. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Set up news on a department team site. If the page is draft version we simply terminate the workflow and set the workflow status to cancelled.