Feed at this level until 6 weeks after lambing. Give lambs first vaccination for enterotoxemia at 5 to 7 weeks of age. Begin to feed ewe at recommended levels for lactation about 3 days after lambing. News story. Oct 2016 | Fuel prices. Cull ewes and market barren producers. Flock Calendar There are many online tools that can help you plan your flock tasks and management across the year. Be sure that lambs receive colostrum soon after birth either hold the ewe and let them suck or tube them if necessary. Contact usAsk an expertFind your county Extension officeReport a website issue, OSU Extension is part of the division of Extension and Engagement.Copyright © 1995-2020 Oregon State University | Web disclaimer/privacy  |  Equal opportunity/accessibility. Have a supply of antibiotics and painkiller available for ill ewes or those that have had a hard lambing. Your Account . Trim feet (do rams 30 days prior to start of breeding season). Particular attention should be paid to their feet, and testicles which should be firm, also check his brisket for sores that could irritate during working. May 2020 | Explore more resources from OSU Extension: Extension 4-H livestock shows adapt to restrictions, deliver for youth, Living on The Land: Getting Started with Sheep and Goats—Building a Flock or Herd, OSU Extension assists with livestock rescue efforts as Oregonians flee fires, New Extension resource focuses on processing meat animals at home, Mud and Manure Management Resources for Small Farms, Federal and state licensed slaughter facilities, Oregon 4-H Meat Animal Advancement Program, Commercial fishing, crabbing and clamming, Local, regional and community food systems. Flock Management Calendar. Supermarket red meat prices. This article contains information on commonly used equipment that can be purchased with relative ease for conducting proper and safe at-home slaughter. Split the ram lambs from the ewe lambs from 16 weeks. Flock Calendar There are many online tools that can help you plan your flock tasks and management across the year. With Sheep Tracker managing your flock records has never been faster or easier. Place ewes that lamb in jugs or lambing pens. Continue to feed lambs on growing, finishing ration. Ewe abortion vaccines are highly recommended (enzovax and toxovax) all need to be administered at least four weeks pre tupping. It can help you improve your nutrition: maintain proper body condition on your females using the "Nutrient Requirements of Ewes & Does" chart and "Body Condition Scoring Tips" Aug 2019 | Shoot for a 3.5 body condition score. Here is some information on animals and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). News story. Consider getting your forage analysed to make planning feeding easier. It gives more detail on how to choose healthy, high-quality animals, including specific signs of good health;... Brian Tuck | Make sure ewes and rams have adequate fly cover during tupping. Purchase replacement ewes and rams (if needed or you do not raise own replacement ewes). Ewes and stock Rams graze on seconds! If you are using sponges or AI make sure you have got the timings planned correctly with your vet’s advice. Watch ewes closely. Sheep Tracker is the most affordable and economical management software available for flocks, lambs, sheep, ewes, rams, wool, and meat breeders. Non-slaughter, meat processing facilities will be added in the future. One week prior to weaning, discontinue grain feeding and reduce quantity and quality of hay. Worm rams six weeks pre tupping and if necessary thin or young ewes. Heptavac P or Covexin). Continue to feed ewes for lactation based on number of lambs suckling. Practice pasture rotation. June. Do you feel the aches and pains everyday? The Kentucky Sheep and Goat Management Calendar is a tool to help you be more organized and profitable! Announcements on educational programs and important news & notices for western Oregon producers of beef cattle, sheep and goats, plus forages to support these livestock. The extra effort will be repaid with more lambs at weaning. Ewes with twins should be separated from those with singles. It includes resources for beef, goat meat, lamb, pork, poultry, and rabbit. If you have teaser rams put in with the ewes 12 to 14 days before the real ram. OSU Extension Catalog. Also vaccinate lambs for enterotoxemia if ewes were not vaccinated prior to lambing. Use your records. Some shows virtual, using video clips or videoconferencing for showmanship and software for auctions, while others organized in-person events with strict social-distancing rules. This would be time to give second booster to lambs if ewes were not vaccinated prior to lambing. Additional help might be money well spent. Wean lambs at 50 to 60 days of age or older. OSU Extension Catalog. Try to get ewes on a rising plane of nutrition in the three to four weeks pre tupping. Observe breeding activity of rams, remove boss rams, rotate rams. Schedule of classes happening at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center. Don’t forget stock Rams. Be ready for first lambs 142 days after turning rams with ewes even though normal gestation period is 147 days. EU deadweight sheep prices. Wildfires are a common threat at this time of the year, affecting humans as well as animals. If you use a harness ensure it fits correctly and doesn’t cause any irritation. Watch ewes for mastitis, especially shearlings with twins, Introduce lamb creep from 2 weeks (late Spring lambing flocks may not need), Scabivax lambs to prevent orf if your flock has been affected, Treat lambs for coccidiosis at around 4-6 weeks, Vaccinate lambs against clostridial disease and complete course by 12 weeks, Monitor lambs for worms and treat accordingly use feacal egg counts to gain more information and consult vet, From 12 weeks introduce a larger pellet or coarse mix (if grass is supplemented), Wean from 12 weeks at your own discretion. Vaccination Schedule For Sheep. Check rams 10 weeks pre tupping making sure they are fit and healthy. Vaccinate lambs for soremouth at 1-2 weeks of age if it is a problem in your flock. • Sheep can provide a quick return on investment. • Sheep provide two sources of cash income: lamb and wool. Be aware of fly-strike from mid-May onwards in both ewes and lambs. Species-specific information is also included.