FRESH PRODUCTS. Although we can also find it whole or even melted.. Everything will depend on the recipe that the chef wants to use. Make a little well in the middle of each sobrasada dollop using a teaspoon. You can also use sobrasada as a filling to pasta dishes, fried with sea food or meat as part of a sauce or garnish, making it one of the most versatile products of all Spanish cured meats. Amazing to cook with, or just spread on warm bread. Very carefully break the quail eggs, discard the whites and place a yolk on top of the sobrasada tartare. FROZEN PRODUCTS. Chicken with Sobrasada Sausage. Serve with grilled toast. Place the sobrasada mixture in the fridge for 10 minutes. Sobrasada is a powerful tool to elevate a wide variety of recipe staples, from eggs, to sautéed vegetables, to burgers, to bean stews, this is a duct tape of the kitchen!Ingredients: Heritage breed pork, hand harvested sea … This recipe comes from the island of Majorca, where they have shops dedicated to this unique sausage. Here is the recipe for this delicious dish made with cod, peas, courgette and Mallorcan soft chorizo spread, also know as 'Sobrasada'. Sobrasada is usually spread on crusty bread and toasted until it melts there is no other sausage from Mallorca more typical than sobrasada (locally known as sobreasada). Omar stopped by Channel 4's Sunday Brunch on the 11th of June, 2017. Aged 4 months. READ MORE by The Tapas Lunch Company Fried Eggs with Sobrasada. This soft, spreadable sausage is so versatile and goes with everything. READ MORE SPANISH PRODUCTS. RECIPE: Spanish Sobrasada Spread Recipe provided by H-E-B Chef Scott Tompkins. This delicious spread is made with different cuts of pork loin and bacon mixed with plenty of pa Then divide it over 4 plates. Published: November 8, 2017, 4:24 pm Tags: SA Live Mallorcan Sobrasada is a very delicious, spreadable cold meat and acclaimed by the entire Spanish population.I say spreadable because normally, Mallorcan Sobrasada is served spread on bread or in different tapas, typical of Spanish gastronomy.