#1: "U87 EQ" Circuit Mod . No roll-off or pad switches are provided. The VC1QCS utilizes Ted Fletcher’s new “current sensing” technology, which matches the mic’s impedance to the pre, previously done with transformers. The result was immediately gratifying. Avis utilisateur de reXet concernant le Studio Projects C1 : subdirectory_arrow_left Matériel et instrument {{parentCat.categoryName_sPlural}} subdirectory_arrow_left Micros statiques à transistors à … Saxophones are often recorded with ribbon mics, but the C1’s extended high end and high-SPL handling had me curious. 1.06インチ(27mm)カプセル、高品質、低ノイズアンプ、バランスのとれたトランスレス出力回路を採用した大型ダイアフラム、固定カーディオイドコンデンサーマイクです。 The Studio Projects C1 fixed pattern large diaphragm studio condenser mic is the perfect case study for microphone hype, in both senses of that word. This allows the C1 to be used in situations that would overload other microphones of this type. the t.bone MS 180. An overdub session with a tenor sax let me try the mic on higher SPL sources. The saxophonist — a veteran player in the New Orleans recording scene — repeatedly asked me if he could borrow or buy my C1 test unit! Frequency response is listed at 20-20k Hz, self-noise at 17 dB (A-weighted) and sensitivity at -37 dB. He can be reached atdemotech@qperformance.com. Even with this close proximity to a wailing sax, the mic never came close to overloading. Next I tried the mic about six inches from the bell. The C1 is attractive and housed in a heavy cylindrical aluminum case about eight inches long and a little over two inches wide. Related Products. Dist. Curious about this, I asked my friend Morgan Pettinato at Eastcoast Music Mall to run a TEF analysis on a C1 he had in stock. 11 . All Studio Projects mics are side-address, large-diaphragm condensers of similar construction, and include the cardioid-only C1, the multiple pattern C3 and the T3 — a multipattern tube mic. 7721 . 2 . While the SP mics are inexpensive, their sound and construction quality belie the low price. ?」のアートコンテンツとして展開する、トロピカル・リゾートアート発信企業です。, コンデンサーマイク、指向性:単一指向性、周波数特性:20Hz-20kHz、センシティビィティ:12mV/Pa=-38dB(0dB=1V/Pa).、出力インピーダンス:<200Ω、ロードインピーダンス:>1000Ω、最大SPL:132/142dB SPL for 1% THD@1000Hz(0dB/-10dB pad, 0dB SPL=0.00002Pa)、ノイズ:(Line)—28dB(A weighted)—18dB、S/N比:76dB、電源:ファンタム48V、消費電流:<2.5mA、パッド:10dB、ローカット:6dB/Octave at 150Hz、ショックマウントサスペンション付属. STUDIO PROJECTS (スタジオプロジェクト) / C1がコンデンサストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 This time, I ran the mic through the JoeMeek Studio Channel VC1QCS, but used the unit’s insert jack to bypass its compression/EQ sections to track with the preamp section alone. Pete Leoni is the technical director at QPerformance, a division of Eastcoast Music Mall. This produced a biting sound that would be great on rock sessions. All Studio Projects mics are side-address, large-diaphragm condensers of similar construction, and include the cardioid-only C1, the multiple pattern C3 and the T3 — a multipattern tube mic. 世界自然遺産の期待が高まる「奄美大島」で、自然・文化・歴史・映像・音楽を「美しさ3割増し! by the PMI Audio Group, 23773 Madison Street, Torrance, CA 90505; 877/563-6335 (toll-free); fax 310/373-4714; www.pmiaudio.com. We have two mod options for the Studio Projects C1, both the first generation "797 Audio" version and the newer "Red Badge" version. The small upper-range bump is subtle and pleasing — a definite plus in many applications. 1.06インチ(27mm)カプセル、高品質、低ノイズアンプ、バランスのとれたトランスレス出力回路を採用した大型ダイアフラム、固定カーディオイドコンデンサーマイクです。, 切り替え可能な-10dBまたは-20dBパッドと6dB @ 75Hzまたは150Hzハイパスフィルターを備えており、さまざまな録音アプリケーションでの制御を追加し、大型カプセルマイクロホン設計から期待される明確で完全な応答を実現します。. Center electrode microphones with gold-sputtered membranes and transformerless FET circuitry have become almost a de facto standard for this type of microphone. Without any tweaking at all, I achieved the desired timbre. Studio Projects C1 Value Bundle. I purposely saved that bit of information ’til the end of this article. PMI Audio, the USA distributors of JoeMeek and Trident-MTA gear, now offers a new family of studio mics. 11617 . Studio Projects C1 Microphone de Studio - Microphones (Microphone de Studio, 37 DB, 30-20000 Hz, Cardioïde, 1%, 1000 Ohm): Amazon.fr: Informatique