But the title for the country who produces the most well-known wheat beers goes to the Belgians. As far as ales go, they’re lighter (paler) than the rest of their brothers and sisters and they generally sit around the 4-6% ABV mark. So stick around, read our guides, and check out the recipes, there’s a lot to learn so you might as well start now ;-). A good example of this kind is the Fat Tire Amber Ale and also the Budweiser American Ale. By Submitting this form, you agree to the terms & conditions set out in our. Maybe you’re a beer drinker, maybe you’re not. These types of beers are fermented at relatively lower temperatures as compared to the Ale beers; say 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the type of yeast used settles at the bottom of the tank. It is a relatively thick type of beer that is dark Brown in colour. You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. If you get a customer that’s looking for something new and interesting, point them towards the vast array of Belgian Ales. They’re the backbone of the beer and what makes it possible for this fantastic beverage to exist. And yet, there’s something about their beers that somewhat resemble each other. This knowledge helps customers make better decisions, thereby enhancing their experience. And for good reason. And it’s still one of the most popular wheat beer styles today. It contains hops that give this pale coloured Ale an appealing aroma. Originated from Munich, this dark coloured beer has an aromatic amalgamation of malty and coffee tastes. Pale lagers make up the majority of lagers in the world. In fact, the majority of non-craft beers are pale lagers. Light, mid-strength (often called session beers because you can drink a lot of them) & strong beers aren’t really styles of beer. In Germany, they’re known as Dunkel beers, and as you would expect, dark lagers are dark in color. It will also make you feel more confident whenever you’re at work because you’ll be able to answer all their questions. IPAs are a variation to the pale ale and they’ve got a great story of how they came to be. Fruit beers, spiced ales, brown ales, pale ales, hoppy ales, Saisons, farmhouse ales, etc. In general, lagers become lighter, cleaner, and crisper beers. Beer is basically carbonated, alcoholic grain juice… What the hell does that mean?? Put these 4 ingredients through the brewing process together and that’s where babies come… I mean, For a more technical look at the brewing process, the guys from, So you’re not going to be able to help a customer out with that kind of surface-level knowledge. The Belgian Witbier (white beer) and German Weizen (wheat) are easily the most well-known styles of wheat beers. The contents of this beer are mainly dark, roasted Barley. More importantly, this beer brand name list features the top beer … But at the same, much more confusing. All they had were hops (a natural preservative) and alcohol. But there’s such a thing as dark lagers too which we’ll look at below. Thanks for the kind words , Your email address will not be published. The truth is, knowing that a beer is either an ale or a lager doesn’t tell you too much. Generally, wild ales, also known as ‘tart’ or ‘sour’ ales, are tart or sour in flavor, but they could taste of anything, from leather to banana to pepper, depending on the brewing process and what the wild yeasts felt like on the day. It is sweet in taste and is loaded with malt and hops. Just don’t tell that to a diehard stout or porter fan. Wheat is also commonly fermented to make beer. As bartenders, you need to take your product knowledge one step further and learn the differences between the most popular styles of beer. You’ll often see them labeled as ‘double’ or ‘triple’ IPA’s to indicate their strength. One thing that distinguishes Belgian wheat beers is that they often flavor them with other spices, like orange peels & coriander, during the fermentation process. Whereas ales are richer and fuller in color, flavor, and aroma. Beer Styles are one way to categorize and organize the many types of beer. Pale ales are easily the most commonly made and consumed craft beers on the planet. This gives them a unique, fruity taste. They’re the ideal winter brew, which matches England’s climate perfectly. They’re important to know about because you’ll be serving them behind the bar. This beer is essentially malt free and contains very less quantity of hops. Generally around the 6-7% ABV mark, but they can go a lot higher. The basic science behind this classification & hence the types of Beers is based on the temperature of fermentation & method that is used to carry out fermentation. Now, we have fridges full of exotic beers from all over the world with confusing names &, But rest assured, beer isn’t as complicated as what some people might have you believe. And now people are … For example, porters are generally considered to be lighter and sweeter in flavor. Of course, beer preferences are deeply personal, and there are plenty of other affordable regional options out there. example: Jack Porter. There’s no doubt about it, the rise of the craft beer revolution has made the different types of beer more interesting. Many beer styles are classified as one of two main types, ales and lagers, though many styles defy categorisation into such simple categories. Now, we have fridges full of exotic beers from all over the world with confusing names & beer brewing terms. Flavors of bread, crackers, toffee, nuts, and chocolate are all commonly associated with malt. Lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast strands and ales use top-fermenting yeast strands. So they decided to start playing around with the brewing recipe. It is made up of whole wheat and is known for its strong bitter taste. Fast-track your career with our official bartender’s Guide ‘The Bartender’s Field Manual’. Finally, yeast is the magical ingredient that turns the grain’s sugars into carbonated alcohol. (And since this list will surely inspire exploration, don’t miss our easy tips for escaping your beer comfort zone.) They also garnish their beers with similar ingredients, like an orange slice with the Blue Moon beer. Always exercise due diligence before purchasing any product or service. They usually start at 7.5% ABV and go as high as a strong wine (17%). Light beers are exactly how they sound, ‘light’ and low in alcohol (less than 3%). I’m Tom Blake, pro bartender, bar manager, avid traveller, author of ‘The Bartender’s Field Manual’ (our official bartender’s guide) and founder of the Crafty Bartending website. Beer is up to 97% water and water is used throughout the entire brewing process. However, wild ales have been around far longer than modern ales or lagers. But unlike their names suggests, they’re not, There are so many different styles and flavors of Belgian ales that they deserve an entire category of their own. So if you find one, make sure you try it. In most cases, the cereal grain barley is used. Put these 4 ingredients through the brewing process together and that’s where babies come… I mean BEER, comes from! It’s probably my favorite beer style. Its flavour has hints of cocoa and coffee beans like smell. Lager beer is the most popular type of beer consumed in the United States. First things first, you need to know that most of the beers in this world fall into 2 distinct categories, ales, and lagers. When you smell these flowers for the first time, it’s fascinating… They smell exactly like beer! They’re simply a way of describing the alcohol content of a beer. Whereas top-fermenting yeast strands ferment better in warmer temperatures resulting in a quicker fermentation process. So you’re not going to be able to help a customer out with that kind of surface-level knowledge. As opposed to yeast strands that have been artificially added by humans during the brewing process. Example: Pilsner lagers. However, wild ales have been around far longer than modern ales or lagers. For all of you English bartenders out there, this one’s for you… The infamous English Bitter Ale served warm, richly colored & flavored, and I’ve heard many a drinker describe them as a full and hearty meal. MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that this website has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in or linked to from this page and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites.