The triangles composed of three components each are DFJ and DFL i.e. Students always search the top and previous year questions for the practice. The Vertical lines are DG, AH and FI i.e. Verbal, Analytical and Non-Verbal Reasoning divided into sections. Since the examiner likes D, it means he must like C also, since the question states that those who like D like C also. Non verbal reasoning skills show one's general intelligence and ability to learn new things. 10 in number. Hindi To English. 3 in number. The simplest triangles are ADE, AEF, DEK, EFK, DJK, FLK, DJB, FLC, BJG and LIC i.e. The triangles composed of four components each are ABK, ACK, BFI, CDG, DFB, DFC and BKC i.e. A dice is numbered from 1 to 6 in different ways. Clearly, there will be 5 dots on the face opposite the face with 3 dots. In English In Hindi. 2 in number. Now, we shall first consider the triangles having only one side AB common with octagon ABCDEFGH and having vertices common with the octagon (See Fig. The reasoning covers all the three types of reasoning comprehensively i.e. We do find non verbal reasoning questions in many Entrance tests, competitive exams and placement interviews. MCQ. LearnFrenzy provides you lots of fully solved Reasoning questions and answers with explanation. TCS Reasoning Questions and Answers PDF (Logical, Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning) Download: Many of the seekers are unaware to find the whole topics on TCS Reasoning Questions 2019. What is the number of straight lines and the number of triangles in the given figure. The question and their accurate solutions will help the candidate to practice more in minimum time. Non-verbal reasoning tests are often used when assessing for graduate and management roles. Verbal, Analytical and Non-Verbal Reasoning divided into sections. The examiner who sets question is not likely to ask question on D because he has written an article on him. Those who like H also like G, those who like D like C also. Take an Online Non Verbal Reasoning Test Now. Non Verbal Reasoning: Directions, Movement & Deviation and Revolution, Rotation, Mirror Image, Series, Classification, Analogy and Finding the Missing Figure - Download Verbal Reasoning 650 Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers with Explanations Each section also contains previous year questions asked in different competitive exams (like UPSC Civil Services, State PSCs, Bank (PO & Clerk), LIC (AAO & ADO), SSC (CGL, CPO, 10+2, MTS), Railway recruitment, IT freshers etc.). The triangles composed of twelve components each are ADB, ABC, BCD and CDA i.e. Hindi To English. The reasoning covers all the three types of reasoning comprehensively i.e. General Knowledge. Applicants can score the marks in the competitive examinations by practicing the Non Verbal Reasoning Online Test. Useful for Banking, SSC, RRB, GATE, CAT, and Other Competitive Examinations. We have a large database of questions on Non Verbal reasoning for you to practice and score high. Reasoning is the process of thinking in logical way in order to form the conclusion or judgement from information. There are eight poets, namely, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H in respect of whom questions are being asked in the examination. Take an Online Verbal Reasoning Test Now! Non Verbal Reasoning questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. 12 in number. TCS reasoning section consists of Puzzles, Verbal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Analytical Reasoning topics. There is only one triangle i.e. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Questions Reasoning Questions, Bilingual (Hindi & English), Topic Wise . When the triangles are drawn in an octagon with vertices same as those of the octagon and having one side common to that of the octagon, the figure will appear as shown in (Fig. Latest trends and level of difficulty of questions being asked in various competitive exams have been incorporated in this section. Practice Non-Verbal Aptitude Test. Non Verbal Reasoning - Learn and practice Non Verbal Reasoning with solved Logical Reasoning Questions and Answers accompanied by easy explanation, diagrams, shortcuts and tricks that help in understanding the concept clearly. Very useful for all freshers, college students and engineering students preparing for placement tests or any competitive exam like MBA, CAT, MAT, SNAP, MHCET, XAT, … So, here I am sharing top 150 non verbal reasoning questions and answers for those students who are preparing for competitive exams. Daily Use English Sentences. 1). Usually reasoning questions are found in Entrance exams, UPSC exams, PSC exams, bank exams, MBA exams and other tests to calculate one's critical thinking abilities.