Sega arcade and sport games could only do so much - the best stuff the Dreamcast had was Sega's non-arcade games. Simple answer is never. This means it was released before Sony’s PlayStation 2, Nintendo’s GameCube and Microsoft’s Xbox. Once you figure out how much money Sega is making everyday, it is much easier to estimate Sega's Youtube net worth! 1 dekade yang lalu. If the Dreamcast was to be Sega’s last hurrah it was a good way to go out. It was the first in the 6th era of computer game consoles. When Will The Sega Dreamcast Be Rare And Worth A Lot Of Money? Based on the stats for Sega's Youtube channel, the total number of video views is around 78.2 Million, which means Sega has roughly made $78,204.00~$156,408.00 US dollars on Youtube already! While the release of Shenmue I & II last year was certainly cause for celebration among SEGA fans, its release begs a question of critical, global importance: Is the SEGA Dreamcast still worth collecting for?. Relevansi. What a waste of money! Current and future value is generally tied to rarity. Jawaban Favorit . Some games on it already had remasters and re-releases for different platforms, more recently Shenmue but it still has an amazing library and some of them are still exclusives (at least for now). 7 Jawaban. So I am wondering if anyone can tell me the price a Sega Dreamcast console with 2 controllers, a memory card, power and A.V. I do appreciate those who answer and thank you for giving your time to answer my question The Dreamcast is not rare - almost 11 million consoles have been sold, and they are still being made. Jawaban Simpan. 5; 7; nessisonett ; Tue 22nd Sep 2020; I’m 99.99999999% sure that this is all a big joke. The Sega Dreamcast is a home video game console that was released by Sega. cables would be worth. SEGA haven’t been relevant since the late 90’s. The Dreamcast was Sega’s last original gaming console to be released. Always worth buying a Dreamcast. Power Stone 2, MSR, Daytona USA 2001. In fact DC consoles are dropping in value, as generally … I am planning on selling my Sega Dreamcast, but I cant figure out how much it is worth. aamazingmon. The Dreamcast was the last of 18 years of gaming consoles that were released.