Marigolds generally mean happiness, except in Mexico where it means death. There is a habit that you need to break. Marigold. For centuries, Día de Muertos celebrations in Mexico have been characterized by the vibrant yellow and orange hues of the marigold flower, also known as cempasúchil. Bright “marigold” yellow may … The 50-plus marigold cultivars produce daisy- or carnation-like blooms in a host of colors, including orange, red, maroon, yellow or mixed. Yarrow Yarrow means good health, love, and healing. The marigold is also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and even creativity. Marigolds are associated with Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. In China, adult movies are referred to as yellow movies. It is said that their vibrant yellow colors guide spirits into the afterlife. Yellow marigolds symbolises your subconscious and how through deeper understanding of yourself, you find commonality and shared experiences with others. It’s also said to symbolize cruelty, grief, and jealousy; another meaning being mourning, sorrow, and despair. Perhaps your outdated beliefs or old ways of thinking is preventing you from going forward. A yellow zinnia, in particular, means remembrance. Yellow Orchids Tagetes erecta, commonly called African marigold, Aztec marigold, American marigold or big marigold, is native to Mexico and Central America.Big marigold may be the most descriptive of its names because plants are noted for their large flowerheads. In Japan, yellow often represents courage. Unique Meanings of Yellow in Different Cultures. In Russia, a colloquial expression for an insane asylum used to be "yellow house." They typically grow from 1-4’ tall and feature huge, mostly double-globular flowers (2-4” diameter) in various shades of yellow, orange, and white. Yellow Zinnia Vibrant as they are, zinnia flowers can mean affection and constancy. Marigolds Often called “flowers of the dead,” cempasuchil , or flor de muerto , these bright orange and yellow flowers’ fragrance is said to attract souls to the altar.